Is Nokia 3210 Making a Comeback? HMD Drops Hint!

Following the publication of the X post on March 18, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Nokia 3210, there is speculation about the potential comeback of this model. HMD Global also acknowledged the phone’s birthday.

HMD Global, the Finnish mobile manufacturer, has stirred excitement among nostalgic tech enthusiasts with a cryptic teaser hinting at the revival of an iconic handset, speculated to be the beloved Nokia 3210.

The teaser, unveiled on X, features a pixelated image of a Nokia feature phone adorned in a familiar yellow hue, accompanied by the tantalizing tagline “An icon returns this May.” While the exact details remain shrouded in mystery, the teaser signals the imminent launch of a new handset, slated for May, though the specific model name has not been confirmed.

HMD Global, recognized for its association with Nokia-branded devices, announced plans last year to introduce self-branded phones in 2024, marking a departure from its exclusive focus on Nokia phones over the past seven years.

Coincidentally, the teaser was unveiled on March 18th, the 25th anniversary of the Nokia 3210’s debut, fueling speculation that the celebrated model could be making a comeback. Notably, HMD Global acknowledged the milestone in its announcement.

In addition to the potential revival of the Nokia 3210, HMD Global is poised to venture into the realm of self-branded smartphones, with plans for a July launch. The company’s strategic shift was underscored during MWC 2024, where it confirmed its rebranding efforts and teased forthcoming handsets.

Moreover, HMD Global is expanding its product portfolio through collaborations, including a partnership with toy maker Mattel to introduce a Barbie-branded flip phone, slated for release this summer.

As anticipation builds for the forthcoming handset, enthusiasts can stay updated by registering their email addresses on the company’s website, eagerly awaiting further revelations about the iconic phone’s resurrection.