GAP associates becomes the first realtor to have a RERA approved project inside Dholera SIR

27 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

GAP is bringing diverse, future-forward investment opportunities in Dholera SIRGAP is bringing diverse, future-forward investment opportunities in Dholera SIR. GAP Group, being the pioneer realtor ...

Gujarat-headquartered GAP Associates Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing infrastructure development companies in Western part of India, has recently launched “GAP Industrial Park” inside Dholera SIR -– India’s first Greenfield, IGBC certified and Platinum-Rated, Futuristic Global Industrial Smart City. With this, GAP Industrial Park becomes the first and only private industrial project located within the ‘Activation Area’ (covering 22.5 sq. kms.) of Dholera SIR.

GAP Group being the pioneer realtor inside Dholera SIR, is also the only company in the country going to launch multiple plan-passed and possession-approved real estate project within the boundaries of Dholera SIR. The company, which began working in Dholera SIR since 2014, has already launched various residential, commercial and industrial projects – all of them inside Dholera SIR.

Speaking on the latest developments, Mr. Ambrish Parajiya, Director, GAP Associates Pvt. Ltd. says, “We feel extremely proud to announce that GAP’s flagship project ‘GAP Industrial Park’ is first private industrial project inside Dholera SIR. This is a testimony to our commitment as the pioneer and leading realtor company in the prestigious smart city Dholera SIR. It’s the only private industrial project located within the core area of Activation Zone; since the developmental facilities in this Zone is on the verge of completion, we are hoping this project of ours will be ready-to-move-in by the mid of the current year. We are also expecting to launch number of other projects to be developed by us in Dholera SIR in the near future. For us, the long-term goal is to continue to remain the top realtor in the SIR region, while planning and building different projects, developing lands and selling plots, and boosting furthermore the investment ecosystem and opportunities in Dholera.”

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Over the past few years, GAP Associates has been campaigning offline and online in order to attract investments in Dholera SIR, and the company’s “Seeing is Believing” campaign with the hashtag #GAP4Dholera has earned a plethora of domestic and international individuals, groups and prospective buyers to Dholera SIR from diverse backgrounds, aspiring to establish their business or wanting to invest in the city. As a part of the campaign, GAP’s team has successfully conducted over 250 Dholera SIR on-ground visits with over 1500 people from 7 countries and 50+ cities of the world, showcasing real-time developmental work in progress.

Elaborating on why this is the best time to invest in Dholera’s projects and initiatives, Gopal Goswami, Director adds, “we are expecting big industries setting up their manufacturing units here post covid19 pandemic, many global companies are shifting their manufacturing base and activities from China. India is now poised to become a global manufacturing epicentre, and futuristic, smart projects like Dholera SIR will definitely play a major role in the future to enable our country to scale up in terms of industrialization and development. Also, given the fact that the eco-friendly and green city Dholera SIR will be home to various smart and ICT-enabled industries with zero pollution, it can be said be the ideal place for an increasing number of people who are looking to experience the atmosphere of a village and world-class facilities of city in parallel. Lastly, the case study of any Greenfield Smart City shows that the right time for investment in these cities is during the completion phase of its initial infrastructure construction, and for Dholera SIR that time is right now. Taking a note of these aspects, it is apt to conclude Dholera SIR is currently the hottest investment destination in India, and every investment in Dholera SIR and with GAP Associates today is bound to grow into a fruitful and prosperous tomorrow.”

GAP currently possesses many land parcels under different Zones and Town Planning Schemes in Dholera SIR, and they have been actively promoting and facilitating diverse investment opportunities across various pocket sizes for Dholera SIR. Realizing the humongous economic potential of Dholera SIR, GAP decided to be an early mover inside this region, and ever since, the company has been working dedicatedly to create and nurture infrastructure, facilities, employment, etc. in order to help Dholera SIR grow faster and better, while striving to be recognized as the most trusted brand inside Dholera SIR. Besides winning awards and accolades for its contributions in Dholera SIR, the company has even managed to gain appreciation from Mr. Amitabh Kant, Chairman, NITI Aayog, who is also the visionary behind Dholera SIR project.

Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is a Greenfield industrial smart city planned and located approximately 72 km. South-West of Ahmedabad. Spanning across a total 920 km. area and encompassing 22 villages of Dholera Taluka, it will be a first-of-its-kind, self-sustaining smart city in India, and take shape as a self-governed economic region enjoying full support of the Government and full potential for private players’ participation and business. Dholera SIR’s goal is to create employment for more than 8 lakh skilled workers and to establish itself as a smart city that is home for 20 lakhs+ global citizens. Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is India’s biggest node under the ambitious DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) project.

GAP Group is a rapidly growing infrastructure development company in Western part of India, with a key focus on Dholera SIR –- the dream project of Hon’ble Prime Minister (and former Chief Minister of Gujarat) Shri Narendra Modi. Consisting of a dedicated team of engineers and expert professionals with over 20+ years of industry experience, GAP develops and delivers high-quality products and services, with transparent business practices and ethics as the core values.

GAP Associates is a part of a group of companies with vast experiences in the fields of Construction, Technology, and Green Development Solutions. Since its inception, GAP Associates has focused on bringing international investments in Dholera SIR to boost Indian economy and contribute in their own ways towards fulfilling PM’s vision of “New India”. The company has so far built business and investment relationships with 1000+ clients worldwide. It also participated in several national and international seminars and events to create awareness on Dholera SIR among people from different countries, and also won various prestigious awards for its efforts.