‘Genocide,’ says Biden, referring to Russia’s activities in Ukraine

13 April, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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US President Joe Biden attempted to explain the country's soaring inflation, he referred to Russia's actions in Ukraine as "genocide".

As US President Joe Biden attempted to explain the country’s soaring inflation, he referred to Russia’s actions in Ukraine as “genocide.”

While speaking in Iowa about infrastructure, Biden said, “In reality, since the March inflation data was collected, we’ve already made progress. None of your family’s finances, or your capacity to fill up your tank, should be dependent on whether a dictator declares war and commits atrocities halfway around the world”.

He later added “Putin’s attempt to eradicate the concept of being Ukrainian is becoming increasingly evident. The evidence is piling up.” However, when questioned if he used the term “genocide” on purpose, he responded no.

Earlier, the US President claimed that during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he had not observed any signs of genocide.

Biden went on to say that his government is doing everything it can to bring down prices in the United States and to address “Putin’s pricing spike.”

After Russia’s “special military operation” against Ukraine, the western countries came forward to help Ukraine by imposing several crippling sanctions on Moscow.