“Good talk” on Indian subcontinent, Indo-Pacific with US Under Secy of Indo-Pacific: EAM Jaishnakar

31 January, 2023 | Pragati Singh

Indo-Pacific National

Finally, as part of the US-Qatar Strategic Dialogue, the Under Secretary will discuss global concerns in Qatar.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishnakar met visiting US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland on Tuesday, during which they discussed the Indian subcontinent and the Indo-Pacific region.

“Glad to meet US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland this morning. Good talk on the Indian Subcontinent, the Indo-Pacific and the many convergences in our relationship,” tweeted Jaishankar. 

During her visit to India, Nuland will conduct the annual US-India Foreign Office Consultations, which address a wide variety of bilateral, regional, and global problems, as well as engage with young tech leaders, according to an official release from the US Department of State.

From January 28 to February 3, Nuland will be in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Qatar for official business. In Nepal, the top US official met with the new government to discuss the broad agenda of the US-Kathmandu alliance.

When he arrives in Sri Lanka, the Under Secretary will commemorate the 75th anniversary of US-Sri Lanka relations and pledge sustained US support for Sri Lanka’s efforts to strengthen the economy, defend human rights, and promote reconciliation, according to the official announcement.

Finally, as part of the US-Qatar Strategic Dialogue, the Under Secretary will discuss global concerns in Qatar.

“She will also meet with counterparts to discuss Qatar’s critical support for the relocation of Afghans with ties to the US, as well as our bilateral agreement to protect US interests in Afghanistan,” the US State Department press release added.

Last year, the US government unveiled its long-awaited Indo-Pacific strategy. The document focuses on increasing collective capacity to deal with regional concerns. These include a focus on China’s difficulties, improving the US relationship, establishing a “Major Defence Partnership” with India, and maintaining its role as a regional net security provider.

The United States desires a free and open Indo-Pacific that is integrated, economic, secure, and resilient.

There is a strong emphasis on collaborating with countries outside of the region. The United States said it would cooperate “in flexible groupings” to address important concerns, “particularly through the QUAD,” which includes Australia, India, Japan, and the United States.

The involvement of India in the QUAD is a significant aspect of the US-India relationship. The US will “continue to support India’s rise and regional leadership,” engaging with India on a variety of issues bilaterally and through groupings. India is described as a “like-minded partner” and “driving force” in the QUAD.

It will also strengthen its (five) regional treaty alliances and collaborate with organisations like ASEAN, the European Union (EU), and NATO. AUKUS, a security alliance formed by Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, was also recently established.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar wished the government and people of Nauru a happy Independence Day.
“Congratulate the Government and the people of Nauru on their Independence Day. India will always remain a trusted development partner,” he tweeted.