Gorakhnath culprit confession video goes viral: Who brainwashed temple attacker?

8 April, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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Gorakhpur temple attacker Murtaza can be seen confessing his crime

An unverified video of the Gorakhpur temple attack has come to light, in which the main accused Murtaza can be seen confessing his crime. In the video, Gorakhnath temple attacker Murtaza claims that Muslims are being wronged and was allegedly angry over CAA-NRC & Hijab ban. He also admitted that he was ready to join the Islamic state.

As the confession video draws eyeballs, a honey-trap angle has also emerged. The UP ATS team, which is currently investigating the case, has hinted that Murtaza was honey-trapped by the Islamic State.

Police sources suggest that Murtaza had allegedly received an email from a woman. The woman, who claimed to be trapped in an IS camp, sought his help. Murtaza sent her Rs 40,000. The woman then also promised to meet him in India. As the time passed, Murtaza was convinced and prepared of joining IS. He also sent the woman money thrice.

With more links emerging each passing day, the big question that arises is who is trying to brainwash Indian youth? Murtaza was an IIT graduate and his involvement in the terror incident raises concern. Is it time for a digital portal crackdown to bust such undercover operations to save Indian youth?