Gupta Brothers arrested in Dubai, confirms South Africa

7 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

South African government the Gupta brothers have been apprehended by the UAE government

According to a statement released by the South African government, the Gupta brothers have been apprehended by the UAE government. They were detained on suspicion of corruption. The brothers are accused of using dishonest techniques to influence South African government decisions. When Jacob Zuma was president, these corruptions were discovered.

The Gupta brothers influenced decisions in various ministries during Jacob Zuma’s tenure in office, including the South African finance ministry, natural resources and public enterprises ministries, and tax collection and communication ministries.

President Zuma’s family members were also employed by the Gupta brothers at Sahara Computers, which was one of the first big enterprises owned by the Gupta brothers.

Even while the Gupta brothers’ arrest was highly praised, analysts warned that the case against them would not be settled fast and could take years to conclude because they will surely fight to win the case.

The Gupta brothers come from a rich Indian family with business interests in South Africa. The family’s most well-known members are Ajay, Atul, and Rajesh. In conjunction with the current investigation, Rajesh and Athul Gupta have been arrested.