HackersEra: The Future of Cybersecurity in IIOT!

7 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

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HackersEra founded by Vikash Chaudhary is one such Indian company that is a pioneer in providing cybersecurity-related solutions not just to India but to multiple global customers as well.

IIOT is the buzzword in the cybersecurity market today. It will not be an understatement to say that IIOT for quite some time now has been advancing towards becoming the backbone of rapid industry automation. HackersEra founded by Vikash Chaudhary is one such Indian company that is a pioneer in providing cybersecurity-related solutions not just to India but to multiple global customers as well. So, what exactly is IIOT? HackersEra explained the concept of IIOT which means Industrial Internet of Things!

Future of IIOT: Introduction of Cyber Security!

The future of IIoT is expected to force more amalgamated tool protocols and architectures that will permit the machines to be in touch effortlessly and in that way improve interoperability. But, what about security? What if someone gets into the system and hack it? This is exactly why HackersEra is focusing on making policies concerning cybersecurity in IIOT!

There are a variety of companies across sectors such as medical, manufacturing, auto suppliers etc. which rely profoundly on automation. In the existing wake of the global pandemic where companies are mass producing vaccines not only for India but also for the global consumption, automation remains an essential part of such industries for more precise, prompt and error-free results. Still, imagine if any such companies or a solitary plant was to countenance a cyber-attack from a hacker or a bug. What are any such big companies that have an attack on the grid which might compromise their data? Sounds scary right? The potential of such a thing happening is not so unusual.

This is the chief reason why companies and industries must invest in cyber-security. Providentially, with a team of proficient professionals, global contact and knowledge, HackersEra is fully prepared to provide custom made solutions for everything associated with cyber-security. Some of the extensively used solutions worldwide are presently offered by the HackersEra team online, offline and in the remote environment. “The team of HackersEra can provide solutions such as securing linked environments in automation processes, production line safety etc.” added Vikash. They provide best in class solutions in terms of control system security and Secured system integrators. HackersEra is equipped to provide end to end solutions in the cyber-security domain and one of the very few companies which are currently offering such comprehensive solutions.  “We take pride in the fact that we have not just been the pioneer but have been steadily adding satisfied clientele from across the globe to our portfolio”, says the proud founder Vikash Choudhary.

HackersEra’s Seismic Evolution!

Various industries are looking at automation and are fast becoming a part of our mundane life. Industries are looking at automation as a way to revive productivity, bring in world-class products and overall growth of their sectors with the help of automation. Even though India has a great future for the IIOT market, the one most crucial thing that is often overlooked in many industries is that it lacks cybersecurity.

“Founded in Pune, we have been able to expand our base globally with offices in the USA and Malaysia” adds Vikash. A seemingly modest set up has grown into a team of professionals and the road ahead looks lucrative with the opportunities. “However, it will require persistent market study, customer-centric and industry-centric solutions and the willingness of the industries to understand the importance of cybersecurity in the IIOT domain and subsequent investments. The cost of these investments will seem much smaller when the benefits of cybersecurity are compared with the potential threat the hackers and malware possess”, explains Vikash!