8 things your hair might be telling about you and your health

24 August, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

Hair Health

Hair are such a vital aspect of the human body, and it is usually the first to suffer if your general health is poor. Our hair serves as our key source of self-confidence and can serve as a reflect...

Hair are such a vital aspect of the human body, and it is usually the first to suffer if your general health is poor. Our hair serves as our key source of self-confidence and can serve as a reflection of our inner health.

Here are a few things that the overall hair health may be telling about your inner wellness:

Hair fall

According to a study, it is normal to lose between 50 to 100 hair per day with a new hair replacing every hair lost. While one way to hair loss is tight hair-ties and hair manipulation techniques like dyes, chemical products and heat styling, other causes of hair loss can include pregnancy, thyroid disorder, anaemia, psoriasis, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), dehydration and other skin related conditions. Visit here

Some psychiatric conditions like stress, acute anxiety and depression can also be linked to hair loss problems. It is also suspected that hair loss is one of the major markers of elevated risk of hypertension


Though dry hair can be a result of environmental conditions like pollution, exposure to UV Rays, there are some disorders that can result in hair dryness too. These include eating disorders, Cushing’s syndrome and hormonal problems like hypoparathyroidism. Lack of some nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, folate, biotin and zinc may also cause dryness.

Hair thinning

Diet deficient of iron, protein, minerals and folic acid become a major cause for thin hair. Chronic stress due to increasing work load at office can be a reason behind decreasing hair volume as stress leads to rise in hormones like cortisol, too many of which can lead to damaging new hair that grow to replace lost hair. You also might experience thinning of hair if you have lost a significant amount of weight or having a Vitamin D deficit diet.

Some studies have also linked hair thinning with cardiovascular disease and hypertension, particularly in women.

Premature Greying of Hair (PGH)

There is no accurate scientific explanation of premature greying of hair yet, but genes do play a role. Deficiency of minerals such as iron and copper and vitamins like B12 and B3 have also been linked to premature greying of hair. Smoking is another cause as it can lead to damage in melanin producing cells.


Dandruff can be complex to comprehend as it coincides with one of the chronic forms of eczema. According to some experts, hormone level imbalance, weakened immune system and nutrient deficiency can cause flaky scalp. While according to some others, dandruff may also be caused due to stress, fatigue, extreme weather conditions and oily skin. A fungus called Malassezia is found commonly on skin of every human and may trigger an inflammatory response that can cause dandruff.

Pattern baldness

One of the key causes of pattern baldness in many males is genetics or inheritance. Cancer, also, can cause pattern hair loss. Thyroid and anabolic steroids are some of the other causes of this hair problem, and hypertension is also a serious cause of pattern baldness.

Bald patches

Alopecia areata, often known as bald patches, is an unpredictable hair loss condition that is frequently brought on by an autoimmune comorbidity. Bald patches develop as WBCs attack the cells in hair follicles, causing them to further contract and eventually halt down hair growth. Bald patches may also be brought on by stress.

Dry Scalp

A dry scalp might be due to lack of healthy fats in the diet since essential fatty acids are necessary for maintaining  follicle health and bringing moisture to the hair and scalp.