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7 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

World Chocolate Day Lifestyle & Fashion

7th of July is World Chocolate Day! Celebrate the occasion with your family by indulging in chocolatey goodies all day, wish your friends and know about the history of chocolate.

World Chocolate Day makes it possible for chocolate lovers all over the globe to take pleasure in their favourite dessert every year on July 7th, without a guilty conscience. Today also commemorates all forms of chocolate goodies; like chocolate bars, brownies, truffle cakes, hot cocoa, chocolate candy. There comes no discrimination regarding the shape or size when it comes to chocolate!

No one is familiar with the exact history of the becoming of chocolate as we know now, but it is speculated that it seems to be from tropical seed of Theobroma cacao tree. The oldest known evidence of cacao seed usages dates back to around 1100 BC. The tree is most commonly found in the arid areas of Central and Northern South America.

Celebrating your love for Cadbury Dairy Milk through the years. #WorldChocolateDay

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Chocolate came into existence in Mesoamerica and the first fermented drink of chocolate goes all the way back to 450 BC. The word ‘chocolate’ originates from the classical word ‘Nahuatl’ – Xocolātl. Initially, chocolate (then: Chilate) was only consumed in the form of a drink and was rather bitter to drink.  Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés added sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to enhance the flavour which eventually became ‘chocolate’ as we know now.

Apart from the fact that it tastes so amazing, chocolate has certain nutritional benefits. It raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, thereby helping to improve our  mood. Dark chocolate can indeed be particularly good for you too. It lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure and helps keep up the blood circulation in your body.

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with your friends and family and don’t hesitate to have an extra bite or two of your favourite chocolate!

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It's #WorldChocolateDay, which sounds like the perfect excuse to get a heap of your favourite chocolate-y desserts delivered ??What's your fav from our menu?

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