Wednesday, November 29, 2023

15-year-old Hindu girl abducted in Pak’s Sindh

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Chanda Maharaj, a 15-year-old Hindu woman, was kidnapped on Tuesday in Hyderabad, Sindh.

Her parents claim that she was abducted while returning home from the Fateh Chowk neighbourhood of Hyderabad, according to a post on the Voice of Sindh Facebook group. She was kidnapped by someone driving a white automobile as she returned home from the Fateh Chowk mill area, according to her father Ammar and sisters.

According to Voice of Sindh, the accused is Shaman Magsi, who frequently bothered her while she was travelling.

Although a police report was made, no money has yet been recovered. They have filed a FIR with the police, and according to Voice of Sindh, SSP Hyderabad is not prepared to take any action.

Concerned about their daughter’s religion are Chanda’s parents after she was taken. They don’t know if Chanda Maharaj, their daughter, is still alive or dead. They begged Sindh residents to provide a hand in locating their daughter!

The Voice of Sindh London branch expressed worry over the region’s ongoing, brazen kidnappings of Hindu girls from Sindh.

They emphasised the forced conversions and kidnappings that occur in Pakistan. Minority women in Pakistan are at risk because of the problem of forced marriages and conversions, and the problem of protecting the rights of minority women in Pakistan has grown particularly complicated.

Anita, a young Masih girl, was kidnapped by a Muslim guy called Muhammad Waseem earlier in August 2021 at Yazman City, Bahawalpur. She said that he forced her to accept him as her spouse and converted her to Islam by taking her thumb impression on paper. According to local media, he repeatedly raped the girl while keeping her in a closed room.

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