‘I am not a celebrity, I am an ordinary human’: Actor Amit Sadh

17 December, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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NewsX exclusively dives into a conversation with actor Amit Sadh where he talks about his new series and in what ways his life changed as he became an actor under the special series of NewsX India ...

NewsX in its A-list series dived into conversation with actor Amit Sadh, who got recognised for excellence in entertainment in an endeavor to put forth some of India’s finest and brightest.

‘I want to take this moment to thank the media, my PR agency, and everyone who is a part of the marketing team. I feel this is important for me because I feel media is a bridge to what we do and we are always angry at them but we never thank them so I want to take this opportunity and thank them for being this bridge because of which breathe has reached where it has reached. Its just a great team, and we work really hard. We work relentlessly and are very happy that this series has reached 3 seasons and has a place in people’s hearts and is doing well. I am very grateful’, he said as he talked about his success and his new show’s viewership.

‘I am very blessed I have fans who love me and support me to a point where I don’t like calling them fans because they mean much more and its just very hard to pick but I just feel the way they write me such long essays at any power of the day about what this character means to them and what my hard work means to them’, Sadh added.

While talking about his character on the show, he said ‘The whole journey of Kabir Sawant of this coming so far with Breathe is just very surreal. I am very grateful and thankful to my director, Amazon, to our Producer to everyone. I promise you I will keep working hard.’

‘I was 92 kgs I have already lost 10 kgs for my next film. I am still 2 kgs above my target but I am not worried. Everybody is happy the way we want the character to look so that is my holiday my holiday is movies and it’s just exciting.’, he added.

Lastly, as he gave his strong opinions on the paparazzi culture, he said, ‘I have some strong views on this I am not a celebrity I am an ordinary human being I am. And it is not, it is so important it is so essential to be a normal human being I have this I have this thing that I always say the new extraordinary is being ordinary everyone is equal we all are the same I don’t have a team that manages my Instagram I have a great team I have a team an elaborate team but for Instagram, I don’t keep anyone because I want to have a sincere relationship with my fans.’

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