ICLEI, a global forum for sustainable development appoints Atishi as Global Vice President

12 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

Atishi National

Atishi appointed Global Vice President of ICLEI, a global network of over 1,750 cities and towns that works for a sustainable future. Aam Aadmi Party gets recognition on global forum for its work o...

New Delhi: On Monday, 12 April, senior AAP leader and Chairperson of Environment Committee of Delhi Assembly, Atishi was appointed as Global Vice President of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). The ICLEI is a global network of over 1,750 cities in 126 countries, and is committed to promoting the UN’s multilateral environmental agreements for a sustainable future. Frank Cownie, ICLEI President is Mayor of Des Moines in the United States. The other Vice Presidents are Katrin Jammeh (Mayor of Malmö, Sweden) and Minna Arve (Mayor of Turku, Finland).

Atishi, a sitting Member of Legislative Assembly, National Capital Territory of Delhi, and member of the ICLEI South Asia Regional Executive Committee (RexCom) has been appointed as the Global Vice President of ICLEI. The organisation is led by an elected group of local and regional leaders from across the ICLEI network.

The annual ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022 meeting will take place from 13-15 April, virtually by the award-winning sustainable city of Malmö, Sweden. On 13 April, Atishi will speak at the “Shaping our Sustainable Urban Future for All”, about the future of equitable and people-centred development –– an area she has had immense experience in while enacting regular on-ground changes in Delhi. She will also discuss the economic and environmental aspects of the three-pronged approach to sustainable development.

In addition, Atishi will speak at the “Resilient Development and Risk Management for a Sustainable Urban Future” seminar, on 15 April as co-chair of the Resilient Development and Risk Management Portfolio.

Atishi’s appointment marks the first time the ICLEI has chosen a Vice President from India, as well as from South Asia. This proves that the sustainable and environmentally conscious policies of the Aam Aadmi Party-led government are getting international recognition.

“Development that can take the environment and people along together is what we need to put our minds together for.” said Atishi.

While many political leaders and parties prioritise the construction of statues, detention centres and implement regressive laws that disallow interfaith unions –– the work that is recognised on a global level is one that brings education, health and the environment at the forefront. Leaders like Atishi have always prioritised these three tools to steer us in the direction of sustainable development.