I’ll write a book on my failures someday: PC Musthafa, CEO ID Fresh

13 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

PC Musthafa Business

PC Musthafa, CEO ID Fresh says breakfast was a dream in his childhood and now his dream is to feed people around the world fresh hot idlis and more.

He was a school dropout who got back to studying and now has a degree from IIM, Bangalore. PC Musthafa’s success story is one to be admired not just for the resilience he showed but the persistence and hard work he has put in to make ID Fresh Food a pioneer in the fresh food space in India.

Ask Musthafa what he attributes the success of ID Fresh Food to and he says, “Having the right team. We had the right team when we started and we have the right team even today.”  When he started out, he was very focussed on what product he wanted to create. “Idli and dosa batter is something every housewife knows how to make. Trying to sell readymade batter to them was a difficult proposition,” he smiles. But the success of their ID Idli/Dosa batter – they make 65000 kg batter a day – shows that they were able to capture the market successfully.

But the journey of ID Fresh Food has not been a simple one. Musthafa reveals that it took them three years for them to crack how to get the perfect hole in the vada. They never gave up and kept working on it till they achieved it, he reveals.

When Musthafa speaks about the success, he also quickly points out the failures they have had. “In the 4000 days that we have been in business, we’d have had 40000 failures. I’ll write a book about that someday,” he says.

With the Covid19 pandemic affecting all aspects of our lives, ID Fresh has also adapted itself to delivering quality fresh food keeping in mind health and safety regulations. Musthafa says that with less resources they are ensuring they give their best to customers in these times.

Ask him why he got into the food business and Musthafa reveals that when he was young, they did struggle for food and breakfast was a dream. Today, his dream is to feed people around the world fresh hot idlis and more!

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