Imran Khan safe after “assassination attempt”

3 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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Injured during "the fire incident" near the container carrying Imran Khan during the long march, Senator Faisal Javed Khan of PTI said it was an "assassination attempt."

Imran Khan was hurt during his protest march against the ruling coalition in Wazirabad, Punjab province of Pakistan, when shots were fired close to his container, according to a local media station. Imran Khan is being transferred to the hospital, according to (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) PTI, and is safe.

Faisal Javed Khan claimed he was hurt during the “assassination attempt” on Imran Khan despite being covered in blood as a result of the wounds he received from the shooting event.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah was requested to provide a report by Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Additionally, he gave the Interior Minister the order to get a report from the Chief Secretary and IGP of Punjab.

Following the shooting incident, Imran Khan is moving to Lahore, according to PTI secretary general Asad Umar.

Asad Umar stated, “Imran Khan is being sent to Lahore for medical care.”

He stated that other PTI politicians hurt in the event were Senator Faisal Javed, former Sindh governor Imran Ismail, Ahmed Chatta, and Umar Dar.

The event happened in Punjab, thus the province’s chief minister, Parvez Elahi, gave the provincial IGP instructions to conduct a comprehensive investigation and produce a report.

The Chief Minister promised that those responsible for the event would quickly face justice and that the injured would receive the finest care possible.

When the Haqeeqi March approached Wazirabad, a tragedy happened. The gunfire was followed by a rush. Everyone in the container, including the PTI leaders, reportedly panicked.

According to the media outlet, the caravan had arrived close to Zafarali Khan Chowk when shots were fired.

Five people were reportedly hurt in the shooting incident, according to media reports. Ambulances have been used to transport the injured to the hospital, it continued.

The media outlet said that the accused shooter has been taken into custody.