Independence day: Security of Delhi beefed up amid threat alerts from Intelligence

14 August, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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By monitoring suspected terror cells and "anti-social individuals" in the city, Delhi Police is continuously working to provide impenetrable security in the nation's capital on the occasion of Inde...

By monitoring suspected terror cells and “anti-social individuals” in the city, Delhi Police is continuously working to provide impenetrable security in the nation’s capital on the occasion of Independence Day.

Security and vigilance at all eight of Delhi’s borders, as well as in the city’s busy markets, have been tightened, according to the police, who also said that many layers of protection have been added to the security near the Red Fort because the information from the international border is not only specific but also deemed credible enough.

Police have placed anti-drone equipment to guarantee protection against drone strikes for increased security during the Independence Day event.

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics produced this anti-drone technology (BEL).

Red Fort is protected from drones by a radar system since they represent an additional security concern in addition to technological ones. According to the police, strategies to deal with alleged flying objects are also taught to the police officers.

Police got a number of extremely serious alerts relating to Delhi’s security for 15th August.

A strong alert has been issued by the intelligence community for a terrorist assault in the city on Monday.

It has been reported that many drones from the Pakistan border, carrying multiple Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), have reached various sections of the nation on the basis of the questioning with terrorists apprehended from different states, including Punjab.

In a separate warning, it was discovered that drones from Pakistan were used to deliver lethal weaponry including pistols, hand grenades, and AK-47s to India.

Police also stated, citing the intelligence services, that the terrorists might possibly inspire a number of lone wolf strikes on July 4. During the assault, a single person may use a large truck or a weapon with a sharp edge to attack the mob.

Following a tip regarding a terrorist assault using a flying device like a kite, the police have outright forbidden kite flying in the area of the Red Fort (for as long as the Independence Day festivities continue).

Delhi Police has also been instructed to exercise extreme caution since some suspicious objects may be used to assault the Fort if they were brought along with crutches.