India slams China, claims Sri Lanka needs support, not ‘unwanted pressure’

29 August, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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India firmly told Beijing on Saturday that Colombo needed “support, not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversies” to further another country’s agenda, in response to China&#...

India firmly told Beijing on Saturday that Colombo needed “support, not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversies” to further another country’s agenda, in response to China’s claim that it was “interfering” in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

In a statement issued on Friday, Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhongon hinted at India’s objection to the docking of the Chinese ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ at the Hambantota port, saying that “external obstruction” based on so-called security concerns without evidence is a “thorough interference” into the island nation’s sovereignty and independence.

“We have taken note of the Chinese Ambassador’s remarks. His disregard for basic diplomatic etiquette could be a personal trait or a reflection of a broader national attitude “The Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka tweeted.

According to the report, Qi’s perception of India may be influenced by how his own country behaves.
“India, we assure him, is very different,” said the Indian embassy here.

According to the mission, the Ambassador’s attribution of a geopolitical context to the visit of a purportedly scientific research vessel is a dead giveaway “Obscurity and debt-driven agendas are now major challenges, particularly for smaller nations. Recent events should serve as a warning “.

“Sri Lanka needs support, not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversies to serve another country’s agenda,” it said, referring to the island nation’s worst economic crisis since 1948.

In the statement, Qi stated that China was pleased that the docking of the ‘Yuan Wang 5’ at the Hambantota port had been resolved and that Beijing and Colombo would jointly safeguard each other’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

External obstruction based on ostensibly security concerns but lacking evidence from certain forces is de facto a thorough interference in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence, according to the statement, which did not specifically name India.

China’s “insinuations” that New Delhi pressured Colombo to prevent a Chinese research vessel from visiting the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota were rejected by India, which stated that it will make decisions based on its security concerns.

“We reject the implication about India in the statement. Sri Lanka is a sovereign country that makes its own decisions “External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi stated on August 12 during a media briefing in New Delhi.

He stated that Sri Lanka, as a sovereign country, makes its own independent decisions and that India would base its security concerns on the current situation in the region, particularly in border areas, a veiled reference to the eastern Ladakh dispute with China.

The high-tech ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ was supposed to arrive at the Chinese-run port on August 11, but it was delayed due to a lack of permission from Sri Lankan authorities in response to security concerns raised by India.

Colombo’s approval of the Chinese research vessel’s docking was critical, as the cash-strapped Sri Lankan government seeks an early bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

China is a major creditor of Sri Lanka and is critical to the country’s efforts to restructure its debt to secure an IMF bailout.

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