India Lauded for UNSC’s December Presidency by Member States

24 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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As India's presidency of the UN Security Council for the month of December comes to an end on December 31, the UN Member States on Friday (local time) lavished admiration on the country.

The United Nations Member States praised India on Friday (local time) as its presidency of the United Nations Security Council ends on December 31.

“A very bittersweet moment, it was a pleasure working with India, a veteran of the Security Council with a morally upright foreign policy, a positive outlook, and an outstanding team of diplomats. UAE cherishes its counterterrorism collaboration with India in particular “Mohamed Abushahab, the UAE’s ambassador and deputy permanent representative to the UN, stated. Notably, UAE will assume leadership of the Counter-Terrorism Committee from India starting next month.

UAE in UN tweeted: “We appreciate your much-needed attention on reforming multilateralism, your persistent advocacy for Global South. As we traverse increasingly complex issues & crises.”

Among the departing, elected members of the Security Council, India is the only one to have had a second opportunity to hold the president of the Security Council, according to Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Martin Kimani. For those who have experienced the president for a month, he said, “you will see that India took on itself a very large bit of work and had to make a great deal of effort for which we’re extremely grateful.”

According to Russia, the Indian presidency accomplished a great deal throughout the month, which is significant, especially given the number of goods the Council adopted, which was made possible by the team’s professionalism in India.

“India has exemplified the highest principles of multilateral diplomacy and a focus on making wise and impartial choices in its role as Security Council president. Since you’ve served as the Council’s president twice throughout your tenure there, you do indeed carry a double weight. Your service efforts are very appreciated, “The delegate from Russia said.

On December 1, India assumed the UN Security Council’s (UNSC) monthly rotating presidency for the second time during its two-year term as an elected member of the Council in 2021–2022. In August 2021, India had previously assumed the UNSC presidency.

With a particular emphasis on terrorism, the Global South, and maritime security, India wrapped off its UN Security Council (UNSC) December Presidency on Thursday (local time).

Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, spoke during the wrap-up session of the UNSC’s final meeting of the year and the final meeting of India’s two-year term on the Council. She said, “We did not hesitate to raise our voice against the common enemy of humanity, such as terrorism.”

“We were painfully conscious of the fact that reform of the Security Council is the need of the hour,” she stated in reference to the requirement for UNSC revisions.

“We have advocated for peace, safety, and prosperity during the past two years. We did not think twice about speaking out against terrorism and other shared human foes. We understood that we were speaking for 1.4 billion Indians, or one-sixth of humanity, when we addressed the Security Council. However, we are also aware that during our time, we served as the voice of the Global South “Kamboj remarked.

She said India reaffirmed and strengthened its commitment to the fundamental principles of multilateralism, the rule of law, and a just and equitable international order while highlighting issues of particular relevance to the developing countries.

“There were times when we had to stand alone, but the alternative in those situations was to give up the values we actually hold dear, especially with our partners who are here with me now on stage. The Security Council’s function in addressing climate change. Our opposition was founded on values, to start with. We also made an effort to draw attention to matters that, in our opinion, the Security Council had not given enough attention to “added the representative from India.

“Maritime security was the best example where, until not too long ago, the Security Council was focused primarily on the subject of piracy, while maritime security involves significantly wider issues as well as a large troop-contributing country,” she remarked in reference to the difficulties caused by piracy.