India performs poor than Sri Lanka in several UN-based indices

14 July, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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Amid Sri Lanka Crisis, Global Index research 2021 indicates that Sri Lanka has lower rates of hunger than India.

As per the “health and survival” sub-index, India is the worst-performing nation in the world where it ranks 135 out of a total of 146 nations.

India also does poorly among its neighbours, coming in last place after Bhutan (117), Bangladesh (71), Nepal (96), Sri Lanka (110), and Maldives (126). In South Asia, only Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan fare worse than India (143, 145, and 146, respectively).

It should be noted that although India has offered its help to Sri Lanka during its long-running food crisis, the Global Index research indicates that Sri Lanka has lower rates of hunger than India.

However, India is also behind Sri Lanka in terms of democracy, but it outperforms in terms of how well the government functions, scoring 7.14 as Sri Lanka is at 5.71.

Meanwhile, the Global Gender Report 2022 states that it would now take 132 years to achieve gender parity, which also contains the Gender Difference Index, with the gap narrowing by just four years since 2021 and closing by 68.1 percent.

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