Wednesday, November 29, 2023

India shape Yoga’s global outreach

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Saudi Arabia is set to introduce yoga in the major universities of the country.

In order to support and promote yoga, a number of agreements with universities are in the works. The decision was made after considering the significance of yoga and achieving Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision. Interestingly, this occurs after the first yoga festival held in Saudi Arabia in January of this year.

India and Saudi Arabia entered into a memorandum of understanding last year to establish a formal “yoga protocol” to promote yoga in India. Over the next few months, a number of agreements will be signed with major Saudi Arabian universities to support and promote yoga. The promotion of yoga and the dissemination of the ancient practice’s benefits to the rest of the world have been championed by India.

According to Fmr diplomat, Amb. B Mukherjee, this launch demonstrates the success of India’s outreach and the international yoga day that PM Modi established at the United Nations. ‘As a result, we have successfully demonstrated that yoga as a form of soft power outreach is a component of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.’

‘The fact that Saudi Arabia is engaging in this activity also display that Saudi Arabia intends to move significantly closer to the center of global politics. We have succeeded in making Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates, a close strategic partner of India,’ Mukherjee added.

Dr. Satish Prasad Rath, Visiting professor, IIHMRB said, ‘this is a great day because the sciences that our ancestors developed 6,000 years ago are being rightfully validated. If we are able to effectively spread it, I commend the current administration for declaring Yoga Day as international day from which everyone can benefit. Should also praise Saudi Arabia for adopting it and leading the way.’

According to Rath, the primary objective of healthcare is to maintain health; we are not required to fix health; rather, we must create health. As a result, the majority of western medical and health sciences have concentrated on health maintenance rather than on health improvement, he added.

Meenal Pathak, a yoga instructor, says that yoga is one of those practices that takes a more comprehensive approach to wellness than just an exercise regimen.

Preeti Rao, a wellness coach, says that people all over the world and in India are looking for a more holistic approach, and yoga is truly a way of life.

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