Indian soldiers killed in Congo: Two BSF personnel killed during violent protest

27 July, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava


During UN peacekeeping deployment in Democratic Republic of Congo (DR), two Border Security Force (BSF) officers were killed by fatal wounds they suffered during violent demonstrations on Tuesday.

A senior BSF officer stated that they were in contact with relevant parties and that UN Force (Army component) reinforcements were enroute to that area.

Earlier, some organisations had called for a week of unrest across DR Congo. In Goma, a major MONUSCO facility located roughly 350 kilometres south of Beni, situation became violent with looting and arson.

Two BSF platoons were stationed in Butembo and Beni, both of which were under a state of high alert.

Nevertheless, violence broke out in Butembo on Tuesday. Demonstrators encircled the Morroco Rapid Deployment base where BSF platoons were stationed. When they came, Congolese Army (FARDC) and Congolese Police (PNC) personnel were unable to manage the agitated gathering of over 500 people.

Meanwhile, Congolese soldiers shot in air to control the situation, and BSF soldiers used smoke rounds to scatter the gathering. The aggressive gangs, however, were able to break boundary wall three times. According to accounts, there were armed rebels among the protesters.

A second onslaught was more ferocious and was supported by small-arms fire. Indian and Moroccan soldiers opened fire in self-defense.

Two BSF members died as a result of their injuries.

S Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, tweeted, “Deeply saddened by the deaths of two brave Indian BSF troops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They belonged to MONUSCO. These heinous crimes’ perpetrators ought to be held accountable and brought to justice.”

MEA further shared his deepest sympathies to the departed families.