ISRO making progress on preparation of Gaganyaan

28 May, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

ISRO has been quietly progressing on its launch vehicle

ISRO has been quietly progressing on the launch vehicle, orbital module (which will contain the crew and support modules), crew escape system, and environmental control systems for India’s first human spaceflight mission, Gaganyaan.

The end-of-life support system (ECLSS) has been defeated. However, modifications to the spaceport are being worked on.

Earlier this year, the human-rated solid rocket booster (HS200) passed a static test. ISRO has reached a significant milestone in this direction this month, and the agency is currently in the process of preparing for important tests of the GSLV-various Mk3’s engines/stages.

The vehicle will be known as the human-rated launch vehicle because it is human-rated and ready for Gaganyaan (HRLV).

According to ISRO “Hardware realization of the L110 stage and the C25 stage (cryo) for the first uncrewed mission (G1) flight is nearing completion, propellant tankages and interstage structure have been realized and delivered to IPRC.”

In the case of C25, the development of the thrust frame is well underway.

ISRO is presently realizing systems after completing the review for service module (SM) fairing for the same reason. Meanwhile, it has finished reviewing the orbital module (OM) adaptor.

Isro has also completed platform travel range improvements to support orbital module activities at the Sriharikota spaceport’s second vehicle assembly building (SVAB), and plans for the clean tent specifications have been finalized.