Explosion on Istanbul’s pedestrian avenue; several hurt

13 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad

Istanbul Top News

Injuries from an explosion on Istanbul's well-known pedestrian Istiklal Avenue were reported in Turkish media on Sunday.

The prominent pedestrian Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul was the scene of an explosion on Sunday, according to Turkish media.

A video that was uploaded online shows pedestrians turning and fleeing as flames burst out and there was a loud explosion.

Police, fire vehicles, and ambulances could be seen at the scene in further video. Uncertainty surrounded the explosion’s source. Users on social media said that the avenue was closed and that stores had closed.

11 persons were hurt, according to the media source. The avenue is a busy road that both residents and visitors frequent, and it is flanked with stores and eateries. At around 4:20 pm, there was an explosion (1330 GMT).