Sunday, December 3, 2023

J&K: 47 Terrorists Killed, 204 Apprehended Till 26th Sept

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Official sources have reported that a combined effort of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and various security forces has resulted in the elimination of 47 terrorists and the apprehension of 204 individuals involved in unlawful activities in Jammu and Kashmir up to September 26 this year.

Among the 47 terrorists killed within the first nine months of this year, nine were identified as local militants, while the remaining 38 were classified as foreign terrorists. This marks a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to maintain security in the region.

In the previous year, a total of 187 terrorists were neutralized, with 130 being local militants and 57 classified as foreign terrorists. The continuous operations and coordinated efforts of security forces have contributed to maintaining stability and peace in the region.

The data further highlights that between January 1 and September 26 of this year, a total of 204 individuals associated with terrorism have been apprehended, demonstrating the relentless commitment to maintaining law and order in the region.

In the past month alone, security forces successfully eliminated four terrorists and apprehended 40 individuals involved in illicit activities. Additionally, eight terrorists were neutralized and 34 apprehended, further emphasizing the dedication of security forces to counter threats effectively.

Current data indicates that 111 terrorists are still active in Jammu and Kashmir, comprising 40 local militants and 71 foreign terrorists. This number represents a notable decrease from the 137 terrorists recorded as active in the region in the previous year. The ongoing efforts of security forces have contributed to reducing the presence of terrorists and enhancing overall security in Jammu and Kashmir.

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