Kai Schoene takes the world of graphics, web, and video designing world by storm with his entrepreneurship!

22 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

Kai Schoene, the founder of Yourcarstory and Yourcompanystory, has made a mark for himself in the world of graphics, web, and video designing. His clientele includes worldwide brands such Volkswage...

Everyone sees the way businesspeople enjoy a lavish lifestyle but what people don’t see are the long hours that they spend trying to build and maintain their businesses. It is no walk in the park to become a successful entrepreneur but some do it against all odds. One perfect example of this is Kai Schoene, the founder of Yourcarstory and Yourcompanystory.
Based out of Switzerland, Kai was born and brought up in Bremen, Germany, and is currently only 37 years old with many successful business ventures underway. He started as a web, video, and graphic artist and within just ten years has made a name for himself in the business.
He started cultivating an interest in designing at a very young age and since then has achieved over 125 projects, 85 websites, and over 3000 graphic projects which is a huge accomplishment in itself.
Kai has worked with many worldwide brands and companies as a freelance designer, his esteemed clientele includes the likes of Volkswagen, RedBull, Werder Bremen, Gymqueen, and many others.
Talking further about his mantra for success, Kai shares, “For as long as I remember, I have been working in the digital space as a designer and have loved doing it. There is no secret for success, I believe that you just have to find what ignites your spark and do everything in your power to make sure that the fire grows stronger and bigger every single day.”
Solely, Kai has also engaged in the internationally recognised Swiss Men’s award in 2019 and stood among the top 10 Mr. Right finalists to eventually bag the 7th position which is a huge achievement in itself.