The Kapil Sharma Show: Cast of Baaghi 3 enjoys a comical night with the host

28 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

The Kapil Sharma Show. Entertainment

The Kapil Sharma Show had the cast of Baaghi 3 this weekend, and the laughter that ensued is a testament to the comic timing of the host Kapil Sharma and the cast of Baaghi 3

The Kapil Sharma Show: This weekend Kapil Sharma hosted Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh and the director of Baaghi 3 Ahmed Khan, the cast and director of the film had a gala time on the show, with Kapil in his trademark style pulling Shraddha Kapoor’s leg on the use of cuss words by her character in the film to make a joke about how her character in the film must be from Archana Puran Singh school of language to make everyone hysterically laugh.

The show saw Kapil Sharma in his prime form targetting everything and everyone, even making fun of Tiger Shroff’s dedication towards fitness and how it has led him to focus more on action and less on romance in his films, within the same joke he also ridiculed Archana Puran Singh by saying that it’s tough for him to do even a week of gym in year but he consoles him by looking at Archana Puran Singh who hasn’t been to the gym for over a decade now.

The back and forth between the guests and the host remained hilarious but what managed to take the cake was Kapil’s dedication to redirect each joke to make fun of Archana Puran Singh who is left with no choice but to laugh it off.

The Kapil Sharma Show has maintained a steady viewership throughout its second run, with its only shortcoming being reported by the fans that the show takes a dip every time Kapil isn’t interacting with the guests similar was seen in the show.

The back and forth between the guests and the hosts were thoroughly enjoyed by the studio audience, with additional laughter generated from the anecdotes told by the guests, but every time other characters of the show were introduced the laughter took a hit and weak writing for the show was exposed with most of the jokes being repetitive.

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