Kashmiri carpets to adorn the new Parliament House, a proud moment for industry in J&K

6 September, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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Traditional Kashmiri carpets will cover the floors of the newly constructed House of Parliament in New Delhi.

Traditional Kashmiri carpets will cover the floors of the newly constructed House of Parliament in New Delhi.

For its gorgeous patterns and delicate craftsmanship, Kashmir Carpets and Kani Shawls are well-known. World-class masterpieces have been produced over time, especially during the Mughal-Afghan and Sikh-Dogra periods. Some of these works of art may be seen in prominent museums all around the world. An organisation located in Delhi ordered 12 8×11 feet traditional Kashmiri silk carpets from Qamar Ali Khan of Tahiri Carpet.

To finish the project, 50 artists and craftsmen—both men and women—work day and night.

We are overjoyed that this carpet will cover the flooring of a place where elected officials from all across India will visit to view Kashmir’s traditional handicrafts, added Khan.

To finish the project, 50 artisans—many of them women—are labouring day and night.

The order will be delivered on September 20, which is one month before the deadline, and roughly seven items have so far been finished, he continued.

For the past 30 years, Qamar’s family has been working in the carpet industry.

According to him, his workers began creating designs based on shawl creation, nature, and ancient Kashmiri customs. This is a happy time for the carpet business in Kashmir, and he hopes that similar orders will continue to arrive from both domestically and abroad in the future.

Khan continued, “Traditional Kashmiri handicrafts, including carpets, have deteriorated over the last several years owing to poor demand in the world, but we are confident that it can now recover reputation not just in India but around the world.”

When questioned about his decision to carpet Indian Parliament with silk-on-silk, he replied that although silk-woven carpets were practically extinct due to poor demand following the export restriction, their beauty was unmatched by any other kind of carpet.

The finest of Kashmir should be provided to the Indian Parliament, according to Qamar Ali Khan.