Kashmiri journalist criticises Pakistan for spreading false propaganda against India on Kashmir issue

15 June, 2020 | newsx bureau


Kashmiri journalist Yana Mir has expressed her views against Pakistan's increasing propagandist moves over Kashmir. She has further asked them to stop triggering Kashmiri youth with false information.

A woman Kashmiri journalist and social activist has lambasted Pakistan for spreading false propaganda against India on Kashmir. Yana Mir, the editor-in-chief of the Real Kashmir News, while interacting with Pakistani journalist and other panelists on webinar, said Kashmir is integral part of India and Pakistan is misleading the Kashmiri youth by sponsoring cross-border terrorism.

“Over 90 per cent of terrorists are infiltrators who come from your side (Pakistan) with an aim to terrorise and radicalise our youth. Besides motivating the youth to achieve in studies, they are forcing them to take up arms. To stop the infiltration and terrorism, Indian security forces do carry out encounters in which civilians also get hurt. If you want this to stop, the cross-border infiltration needs to be stopped”, said Yana Mir, who is a daughter of a retired police officer in J&K Police.

Yana categorically blamed Pakistan for running terror training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir from where the armed terrorists infiltrate into India.

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She said, “Everybody knows that terror training camps exist in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and they infiltrate into the Kashmir valley. Pakistan is deliberately tarnishing India’s image globally by raising the Kashmir issue. It is Pakistan who misleads the youth against our country. The Kashmiri youth is losing its identity with this propaganda. Pakistan must stop playing dirty politics against India and the Kashmiris. Pakistan is politically and militarily engaged in spreading misinformation about Kashmir”.

The young Kashmiri journalist said that Pakistan must understand the UN resolution on Kashmir before demanding a referendum in Jammu & Kashmir. She said that the Instrument of Accession was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh and he agreed to accede to India. “If J&K has Muslim majority, it doesn’t mean that it can’t have secular governance. It’s propaganda by Pakistan which misleads the Kashmiri youth”, said Yana.

“I am against any referendum as I am proud as an Indian citizen. I know that if Kashmir gets independent, it will face danger. The way people in Gilgit Baltistan are eager to be part of India, people in Kashmir valley will be in the same situation. Pakistan and China will make our life as hell,” she added.

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“In the best interest of Kashmiris, Kashmir will remain with India. Those who wish to go for a referendum; they must understand the United Nations’ mandate”, said Yana by adding that the UN has clearly given three steps. Referendum comes at the last step. At the second step, India has to reduce its armed forces whereas at the first step Pakistan has to remove its army from the LoC.

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The Kashmiri journalist said, “It Pakistan does not agree to implement the first step, then why does it directly jump to the third step for a Referendum? If your army leaves the area, India will think about removing its forces. Then it will come to referendum, which is clearly mentioned in the UN mandate. If Pakistani media is not making it clear, then I have a right to say that Pakistan is doing propaganda in Kashmir”.