“Kerala suffered due to conflict between two ideologies…” PM Modi attacks Left, Congress

24 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

Kerala National

The youth of Kerala of needs to work hard to defeat these two ideologies.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress and the Left parties, claiming that Kerala is suffering greatly as a result of the conflict between the two ideologies because one places its interests above Kerala while the other prioritises a family.

Addressing Yuvam Conclave in Thevara, Prime Minister said, “Kerala is being harmed a lot due to the conflict between two ideologies. One ideology believes that their interest is above Kerala. Other ideology keeps a family above anything else. These two promote violence and corruption. The youth of Kerala of needs to work hard to defeat these two ideologies.”

“On one hand, we are working hard to increase the exports of India. On the other hand, in Kerala, some are working hard to smuggle gold. The youth of Kerala are very well aware that the people in power are playing with their future,” he added.

According to PM Modi, it’s critical that India take the lead in each new industry if it is to realise its full potential. Kerala can represent Indian and international tourism thanks to its distinctive culture and natural beauty. He claimed that the BJP government is holding Rozgar Melas to offer long-term employment in the public sector.

Attacking the Pinarayi Vijayan government, the PM said, “In every BJP-ruled state, the campaign for giving jobs is going on. However, the present Kerala govt is not focused on providing jobs to the youth. The youth of Kerala can never forget this attitude of the Kerala government.”

According to the prime minister, his government’s top priority is the quality of life for those employed in the fishing industry. He claimed that the Centre is attempting to modernise the fishing industry. Kerala has been awarded for grant of about Rs 800 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana. Fishermen are designated as the beneficiaries of the Kisan credit card, according to him, and the central government established a separate ministry for fisheries.
He claimed that if Kerala’s infrastructure were to be improved, more employment possibilities, new industries, and more tourists would be attracted to the region.

Refering to Operation Kaveri, Prime Minister lauded Union Minister Muraleedharan and said, “Due to the civil war in Sudan, many of our people are stuck there. Therefore, we have started Operation Kaveri to bring them safely. It is being overseen by the son of Kerala and the Minister of our government, Muraleedharan.”

The Prime Minister emphasised that the BJP and the young of the nation share the same values and goals, describing India as a treasure trove of youth power.

“Today, the BJP and the youth of the country share the same wavelength and vision. We bring reforms and the youth bring results. It is a strong partnership between the government and the youth. BJP has made this era, the era of youth-led development,” he said.

He claimed that a mission gains vitality when young people are behind it, and when it comes to Kerala, it is so magnificent and wonderful that after being here, the enthusiasm grows even more.

“The previous governments did scams in every sector. On the other hand, the BJP government is creating opportunities in every sector. Through the Aatmanirbhar campaign, the youth have been afforded opportunities,” PM Modi said.

Today, the PM said when the country is taking steps with the resolve of ‘New India’ and shouldering big global responsibilities, “the youth of the country and Kerala have come forward to give their leadership to this development journey of India.”

He referred to the twenty-first century as India’s and claimed that India has a wealth of youthful energy.

“Earlier, people used to think that nothing will change in India. However, today our country can change the entire world. Today’s Aatmanirbhar India talks about Digital India. Once upon a time, India was one of the ‘Fragile Five’ countries. However, today India is known as the fastest-growing economy. It is because of the youth, and therefore, I strongly believe in the youth of my country,” PM Modi said.

Referring to Padma awardee VP Appukutta Poduval, PM Modi said, “A few weeks ago, I met a 99-year youth from Kerala. He is a famous Gandhian, VP Appukutta Poduval, who was conferred the Padma award. We get to learn from every talent in Kerala.”

He claimed that a state’s development depends in large part on its contemporary infrastructure. With the assistance of the national government, the construction of the Kochi Metro is progressing quickly. During his two-day visit to Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted a massive roadshow in Kochi on Monday.

PM Modi strolled around the streets of Kochi while wearing traditional Kerala clothing. On both sides of the street, people lined up to support the prime minister. They also bombarded him with flower petals. Also spotted shaking hands with folks was PM Modi.

The security personnel led the Prime Minister to an SUV after more than 15 minutes of walking. The PM often rides in an open-top car for his other roadshows, but this one was noticeably different. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is looking to gain ground in Kerala ahead of the general elections in 2024, therefore PM Modi’s roadshow there can be considered as a sign of strength in the southern state. The Prime Minister will visit Kerala during his trip and dedicate more than Rs 3,200 crore worth of projects.