Kharge, Owaisi Slam BJP for Kids Video; Child Counseled

26 August, 2023 | Vishakha Ahuja

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Priyank Kanooongo, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), appealed to refrain from circulating the video of the child.

One day following the viral spread of a video in which a school teacher from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, instructs students to slap a fellow classmate, a notable incident occurred.
In the viral video, children are observed following their teacher’s lead by taking turns to strike a distressed Muslim student, as the teacher observes. The video stirred widespread anger on the internet as it circulated.

“The video has been circulating since yesterday evening & and an inquiry was conducted. On inquiry, it was found that the video was filmed by the boy’s uncle…This morning their complaint was registered. The Child Welfare Committee is giving counseling sessions to the child. Since the complaint has been registered action will be taken,” said Muzaffarnagar DM Arvind Mallappa.

The occurrence led to significant public uproar, prompting political entities and officials to call for appropriate measures. The implicated principal of Neha Public School, Tripta Tyagi, responded and asserted that the viral video had been manipulated. She maintained that parents had requested strictness toward the child due to prolonged non-completion of homework.

“The video that was made viral was edited and cut, I had no such intentions…in our place, Hindus and Muslims stay with unity and we have more Muslim students in our school…there was pressure from the parents of the child to be strict with him. I am handicapped I can’t get up…he was not doing homework for last 2 months…so I made 2-3 students beat him up so that he would start doing his work,” said Tripta Tyagi, Principal of Neha Public School.

The victim child’s father dismissed any religious aspect in the incident, clarifying that it wasn’t about Hindu-Muslim differences. Nevertheless, he insisted on appropriate measures being taken and expressed concern for his child’s emotional state following the distressing occurrence.
“My son is seven years old. This incident happened on 24th August. The teacher made the students beat my child again & again. My nephew made the video as he had gone to school for some work…My seven-year-old child was tortured for an hour or two. He is scared. This is not a Hindu-Muslim matter. We want the law should take its own course,” says child’s father on Saturday.

Assuring that the Police are currently investigating the matter, Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh emphasized that once the investigation concludes, appropriate action will be initiated. In response to the incident, the Minister stated “In the state everyone has the right to the same level of education and ensuring this is the job and the priority of our government. The Police is probing the incident and further action will be taken once the investigation is complete.”

The video sparked outrage online after it was circulated. Taking to the social media platform X Kharge said, “The manner in which a teacher gets a child thrashed by other children on the basis of religious discrimination at a school in UP is a disturbing result of the hate-filled politics of the BJP-RSS.”
“Any kind of religious fanaticism and violence is against the country and to spare the guilty is a crime against the country,” Kharge said.

The police, have reviewed the viral video in which a female teacher instructed students in a classroom to physically harm their fellow classmates.
“A video was received at Manurpur police station today wherein a woman teacher asked the students of a class to beat their classmate for not learning multiplication tables. Some objectionable comments were also there in the video,” Superintendent of Police Satyanarayan Prajapat said in a video statement on X,[ formerly Twitter] on Friday.

“After investigating the video, it was found that the teacher was declaring that those Mohammedan students get spoiled whose mothers don’t pay attention to their studies ( jin Mohammedan baccho ki maa unke padhai par dhyan nahi deti, unn baccho ki padhai ka naash ho jata hai). The person recording the video also confirms this,” the SP said.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also reacted to the viral video and said, “Sowing the poison of discrimination in minds of innocent children, turning a holy place like school into a marketplace of hatred- nothing worse a teacher can do for the country. This is the same Kerosene spread by the BJP which has set every corner of India on fire. Children are the future of India – do not hate them, we all have to teach love together.”

Priyank Kanoongo, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), appealed to refrain from circulating the video of the child.
“In Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, the incident of a teacher getting a child beaten up by other children in the class has been reported. Taking cognizance, instructions are being issued for action, Everyone is requested not to share the video of the child, give information about such by revealing it by the identity of the children,” he wrote on X( formerly Twitter).

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