Kirit Somaiya lodged complaint against police officer at the Khar police station

27 April, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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Kirit Somaiya, a former BJP MP, was attacked by Shiv Sena workers outside the Khar police station while on his way to meet Independent MLA Ravi Rana and his wife Navneet Rana (MP).

On Tuesday, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya filed a complaint against a police officer assigned to the Khar police station for filing a “fake FIR” against him in connection with an alleged assault outside the police station on Saturday night.

Somaiya, a former MP, was allegedly attacked by Shiv Sena workers outside the Khar police station while on his way to meet Independent MLA Ravi Rana and his MP wife Navneet Rana. The couple was apprehended and taken into police custody. Sedition charges were filed against them.

“The Khar police station has lodged a complaint against a police officer who filed a fake FIR against me in the Khar assault case,” Somaiya told reporters after filing the complaint.

Somaiya also claimed that Shiv Sena members assaulted him and threatened to kill him. “The police’s inaction against Sena workers is appalling. As a result, I filed a complaint demanding a FIR against sainiks for plotting to kill me. It’s a criminal plot to protect Shiv Sena goondas who tried to murder me. We have requested action under Sections 467, 465, 466, 471, 167, 217, 218 and 120b of the IPC in the FIR.”

The BJP leader has also served a legal notice on a senior police inspector at Khar police station for allegedly illegal, manipulative, and fictitious registration of a FIR in his name. “Somaiya has not signed any such FIR which is registered in his name, nor is he aware that such a FIR has been registered and uploaded,” the notice stated. Because the client did not sign the said FIR, the entire episode of uploading the FIR and taking action on it is illegal and unlawful.”

On his way out, Somaiya told the media, “I had not even signed that FIR on the basis of which the police registered the case.” The facts in that FIR are incorrect. I’d like to see the necessary facts added to the FIR. The Khar police made me sit in the police station for two hours and did not file a FIR. When they received a call from the Mumbai Police Commissioner, they tore the FIR that they were supposed to file. I will meet with the Maharashtra Governor on Wednesday at 12.30 p.m. to inform him of the Mumbai Police’s wrongdoings.”