Kunal Devani’s love for food ended up in him owning a chain of restaurants, the most famous being ‘Waffle Affairs’

8 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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The lip-smacking food that comes out of his now so famous kitchen counters is worth every bite.

Whether you’re arranging a party or an event, the food that you serve is going to be the talk of the evening, and you would never want any mishaps around this area, right? Unfortunately, many food suppliers don’t take a deep interest in planning out a distinct menu which would suit their guests taste buds. They just follow the instructions of the event planner or organizer who is planning out the event and deliver as instructed. There is no brainstorming between the parties of how different varieties can be brought on board to enhance the party mood. Bad or below average food can have a negative impression, leaving the guests dissatisfied or unhappy. So, what does one do in such cases? The way out is looking out for a catering service which has a good standing in the market and has received positive reviews from individuals for whom they have already worked for in organizing food services.

Having an ideal food supplier means half the job done and one has to focus on getting the right one on board. When we say ‘the right one’, a name that comes to our minds is that of Kunal Devani, who has earned enough credibility in the market and is known for his sumptuous food menu which has never failed to amaze his clients. He says, “the type and taste of food you serve makes an enormous difference in how well your guests have taken the occasion, so a lot of care needs to be taken when it comes to serving food.” He is well aware of the consequences of not serving dishes which are not up to the mark and makes it a point to serve food which never fails to impress the guests. His catering services have been rated as one amongst the best, and it is evident as he has won the Public Choice Awards which in itself is a great accomplishment. Today, he owns a chain of restaurants, some of which have become synonymous to tasty food. Be it his foremost establishment ‘Waffle Affairs’ or his next food joint ‘The Second Affair’, or his dine-in restaurants ‘SkyNest the Terrace Cafe’ or ‘The Lean Kitchen’, each has its own distinct flavour which makes them the best in the industry.

Presently, apart from running his multiple food joints and restaurants, Kunal has formed a new company named GK Hospitality which will exclusively caters to caf├ęs and commercial spaces for their interior design requirements. A food entrepreneur par excellence, Kunal aces this field and hopes to take long strides to reach more successful miles in the near future.