Coronavirus lockdown: 30 to-dos in self quarantine

Coronavirus lockdown: Self-isolation is not that hard what it seems like, read the article and surely it will change your viewpoint. Here are 30 interesting yet unique ways that will enrich your life.

Coronavirus lockdown: When life gives you lemons then prepare lemonade! Its high time we should fight against novel coronavirus by staying indoors and safe. However, a question arises, what to do during a 21 days lockdown? Need not to worry! Here are 30 ideas that will enrich your life without stepping out from home.
Cook comfy food- Cooking can be your stress, prepare a meal for your family and enjoy every moment of it.

Gardening- Greeny around you will make you feel refreshing every day. So plant some fruits and vegetables in your balcony. TIP Use some leftover seeds from vegetables.

Practice yoga– Where the world is in a panicking state from novel coronavirus, yoga and mediation will help you to bring positivity in your life. So, add this in your daily regime, do it with your family to maintain your stress levels.

Skincare routine– You always need that glass skin, here’s your time as for now you don’t need to go out in pollution. Go for a healthy skincare routine. Add water, fruits, and vegetables in your diet.

Watch a DIY video and apply it– Watch various easy Do It Yourself videos and prepare something from scratch.

Play indoor games– Play indoor games like ludo, chess, Chambord, etc. You can also try some online versions. Surely, your kids will love it!

Read about novel coronavirus and protect your family– Its the right time to build your knowledge related to COVID-19 pandemic as it will help you to know the ground reality about it.

Give time to your family and click goofy pictures: Feel like a kid again, so go crazy with them and play hide and seek at home, do pillow fighting and click goofy pictures with them.

Give your home a makeover: Changing the places of things will make you feel good and you can showcase your home decor skills to your family. They will definitely go tee-hee after that!
Paint- Paint whatever you feel like, and after a few months frame it. It will be the best self-quarantine memory. It’s all about creating moments in life!
Binge on Netflix Amazon- Movies, that’s the best thing you can do, grab a  cup of coffee and binge on your favorite series.
Listen to music- Be lazy, and listen to your favorite tracks.
Time to pamper yourself and family too- Give a good champi to your mom-dad or your husband. If no one, then give champi (head massage) to yourself, as self-love is the most important thing.
Make a Tik Tok video: Light camera action! Hone your acting skills as in this point of time no one will judge you.  Maybe you can find an actor in you.
Learn any new skill- Cooking, home decor, yoga, make a youtube video, anything you feel like. Go for it….
Prepare a bucket list – Prepare a list that you want to do after this lockdown period. Like bungee jumping, visit your favorite junk food station or anything you ever wished for.
Learn a new language- Various apps are there on google play store, learn a new language as it will also enhance your biodata.
Haircare- Beautiful and healthy hair has always been a dream for everyone, so apply protein mask on your hair.
Talk to yourself: Self-analysing is important at this point of time, earlier in our hustle-bustle life, we didn’t get enough time for ourselves, so without wasting more time this is the right moment where you can explore your true self.
Focus on your passion- It’s one life and definitely your life, so complete all your wish you always desired for.
Watch cartoon with kids- Tom and jerry, popeye the sailor man, Powerpuff girls, scooby doo watch all the episodes on YouTube. Why wait for it?
Write your future plan- Write your future plans and strategies that will give you financial security.
Write a letter to the front line workers: Doctors, policemen, army men and media are true warriors, so express your gratitude towards them and write a letter, when all the situation will get under control give it to them. A perfect way to say thank you!
Make a dream board- Prepare a dream board for year 2020 and stick photos that you want to achieve this year.
Clean your home daily- Maintaining Hygiene will help you to stay safe, so make a habit to clean you home daily. It will also give you positivity.
Sleep as much as you can- Since childhood, we always dreamt of sleeping as much as we can without interference, this lockdown is giving you time to full fill that dream without guilt.
Try new makeup- Try new makeup ideas for all occasions and post a picture on Instagram, who knows maybe you will be the next beauty blogger? Think…
Become spiritual- Its a path that will give self-satisfaction and happiness which you were in search of.  Be humble and thank your God for what he has blessed you with.
Go through old pictures- Still, feeling bore? Go through all the photo albums and think from where you started your journey.
Rearrange your wardrobe-  Have it or throw it, take 2 baskets and keep only those clothes which you really need, and those which you don’t, recreate designs on it.