Coronavirus lockdown: 21 activities to do during 21 days of self isolation

Coronavirus lockdown: Stuck at home and don’t know what to do? Here’s a compiled list of activities you can do during 21 days of lockdown due to novel coronavirus-COVID-19 outbreak in India.

In one of the rare times in history, humankind is asked to stay at home and take care of themselves. As the spread of novel coronavirus-COVID-19 grows in scale in India, the government of India has announced a 21-day lockdown, barring essential services. Amidst long wait for the days we can step out of our house and return to normalcy, why don’t we make good use of the free-time we have in hand to make this time memorable?
If you are wondering what to do during these 21 days, don’t fret because we have compiled a list of 21 activities you can do while self-isolating yourself from the outside world.
Make a routine: Even though it might sound difficult to implement, set a fixed schedule to regulate your day. Set your alarm for the time you wake up and when you go to bed.
Workout: One does not a gym to be fit. Follow your workout routines at home. Just find your preferred workout routine on YouTube and start moving. It can be be cardio, body weight, zumba or any other.
Yoga: If you are someone who is not into fitness, don’t worry. Start light with some basic yoga and meditation exercises. You can also ask partner, kids and family members to join in and give you company.
Rearrange your closet: This is the time that you can rearrange your closet and make a separate pile of clothes that no longer fancy you. Once the lockdown is over, you can donate those clothes or give them for recycling at retail brands like H&M.
Deep cleaning: Not your closet, you can also clean your house or a corner of the house that you have been neglecting for a long time. Move around some furniture to give your house a new look.

Read Books: If you are someone you loves to collect books and never gets the time to actually read them, now is your time. Just pick a book and start.
Start an online course: There is no age for learning. Enroll yourself for an online course that would enhance your skill set. It can be a class on digital marketing, machine learning or science.
Learn a new language: Expand your knowledge set by learning a new language. It would also add glory to your CV.
Try new recipes: Wanted to try how to make a perfect lasagna or try different mocktails at home? Now is your time. Just look online for a recipe and get to cooking. Try to learn a recipe that requires minimal input so that you don’t have rush to the grocery store.
Work on your skills: Master your hobby by practicing it every single day. Be it playing a musical instrument, dance routine or singing or painting.

Follow the diet routine: If you have been longing to achieve a certain weight goal, start now. Get in touch with an online dietician and follow the diet routine.
Gardening: Spend time with nature and learn about the plants you have at home. Water them every single day and get into the habit of composting wet kitchen waste.
DIY Home Decor: There are a lot of things in and around households that you can make to make DIY home decor items. Be it old clothes, bangles, or plastic straws and more.
Start a journal or a blog: If you are someone who likes to express herself/himself through art, then make the most out of this time. You can write about what moves you, inspires you and what gives you happiness. It can be poetry, making YouTube videos, Tik Tok or anything.
Pamper yourself: There are lot of things within the confines of our house that you can use for skincare and haircare. For example, fruit peels are great for skincare. You can also prepare hair masks at home and give yourself a day at spa at home.

Do a challenge: Be it trying 21 days without sugar, 21 days without packaged food or 21 days of minimised screen time, these 21 days are the best period to challenge yourself and your body.
Play games: Bring out your board games like ludo, snakes and ladder, monopoly and more. This will give you and your family some quality time together. You can also download online games applications on your mobile to challenge your friends for a game.
Re-connect: Even though it is the time of social distancing, you can always re-connect with your relatives, friends, co-workers and loved ones via video conferencing.
Stream and play: Subscribe to a streaming service and watch award-winning web-series and movies within the comfort of your homes with family. You can also watch your childhood shows and cartoons to go on a ride of nostalgia.
Do household chores: Since the house helps are also on off, you should contribute your bit towards the wellness of the house so that the pressure does not land on one individual.
Meditate: In the times of a global crisis like this, take some time out to reflect upon your thoughts and be grateful towards what the world has given you and how you can give back to the society.