Coronavirus lockdown: Bored! Try these easy DIY ideas and make your self-quarantine interesting

Coronavirus lockdown: The country has been lockdown for 21 days due to coronavirus outbreak and everyone gets locked inside the home. If are getting bored at home try these easy and interesting quarantine ideas.

Coronavirus lockdown: Prime Minister has announced 21 days locked down for the safety of the country, so if you are getting bored at home. Try there interesting, easy DIY ideas, you can also involve your kids in these DIYs and also you can totally change things for the next few weeks. These ideas are not just simple they are very low cost, it will help you to save money for the worst and also you can learn something productive.
There are several things that you can follow DIY for. You can use it for your cooking essentials, for makeup needs, for craft, waste material, interior decoration, beauty hacks, and whatnot. There are so many DIY videos available on Youtube that will help you to create some new on your own. Here are a few we have doge down for you.
You can make a new top from your old T-shirt by giving it some slits and cutting its color. You can prepare a pepper crusher at home by using some old knife blades and wooden boxes. Fix the blades in boxes, make some holes in it and use wisely. You can make Dungery from your brother or father’s jeans and pants. Take the jeans, crop it from the waistline, then make the upper part from the rest of the parts.

You can also make some colorful and flovoured balms for your regular use. Take melted vaseline, add some favourite juices like orange, strawberry and etc. Then use the similar food colouring. Put the mixture into the balm container. For more clarity watch these fantastic videos.