Coronavirus Lockdown day 11: 5 free novels to read online during quarantine

Amid lockdown, everyone got bore because of the less work and more time. It’s a good time to spend on enhancing your skills. You can read the books listed below.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak on March 24. Due to which everyone is spending time at home, but after 10 days it is getting really tough for people to start out of boredom. If you really feel bore and you have done all Facebook, Instagram channels. You have watched all your favourite series then you can switch to a new God habit. The number of cases in India is increasing for the last 3 days and there is no confirmation over the opening of the daily routine. So by the time everything got sorted, you can invest time in reading and can develop your skills.
Here are some famously old fictional books that everyone must try once.
1. Gaban: A. 1931 written book by Munshi Premchand is a famous Hindi Novel which received 4.3 stars out of 5 on google reads. The book talks about the condition of the Indian middle class your in the ear of British rule in India. The book tried to clear the picture and told about the real aspiration and intention of a rich man in that time period. It is a fictional novel but it includes several social issues of British rule.

2. If you want to go lite and wanted to read some of the stuff then you can go for Ravinder Singh’s Can Love Happen Twice. It’s a simple book with a lot of emotions but you will feel relaxed after reading this. The content of the story is totally fictional but It has a lot to relate. If you are bored then you can give it a chance.
3. Flames and Scars is a good option if you want to read fictional drama, thriller, love story, hate and revenge all together. The book is written by Kulsum and it is one of the best sellers.
4. Patrick O’Brien is one of the most popular historic novels. It is a fictional novel that is made on the historic values, the 7 parts of the novel are now out and also available online.
5. Munshi Premchand’ Karmbhumi is another worthy read. We all have read chapters in our Hindi books but we have rarely gone through the novels by Munshi Premchand, explore India writer and learn more in quarantine.