LPG cylinder prices see sharp hike, almost Rs 150 in Delhi, Mumbai

12 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

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The hike in the price of non-subsidized LPG is said to be the sharpest since January 2014. In Kolkata and Chennai, the hike has been of Rs 149 and Rs 147 and in Delhi and Mumbai is of 144.5 and 145...

In a sharp hike, the prices of non-subsidized LPG were raised by almost Rs 150 in New Delhi and Mumbai. The change in prices is effective Wednesday, February 12. Though LPG cylinder prices have been revised some 6 times, this is the sharpest increase since January 2014. According to Indane, the LPG brand of Indian Oil Corporation, prices per 14.2 kg cylinder will be Rs 858.5 in Delhi and Rs 829.5 in Mumbai. The change in prices is effective Wednesday, February 12.

In Kolkata and Chennai, the hike has been Rs 149 and Rs 147 Until Tuesday, the prices were Rs 714 in Delhi, Rs 747 in Kolkata, Rs 684 in Mumbai and Rs 734 in Chennai. According to Indian Oil data, the price for 19 kg cylinders was revised and hiked by Rs 1,466 per unit in Delhi and Rs 1,540.50 in Mumbai.

Since August 2019, the LPG cylinder price in Delhi has been hiked by 49.43 percent in Delhi and 51.78 percent in Mumbai Currently, under the subsidy, 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg are provided to each household every year. The consumer needs to pay for an extra cylinder at market price.

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There are certain factors that determine the changes in the LPG price like the average international benchmark LPG price and foreign exchange fluctuations. This is why the quota of 12 cylinders per year varies. The sudden hike in the rates of the LPG affects the suppliers at the beginning and it majorly affects the buyers as well.

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