Maha CM Shinde: There Shouldn’t be Any Politics Over Border

19 December, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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Eknath Shinde, CM of Maharashtra, said there shouldn't be any politics surrounding the boundary dispute with Karnataka at this time while speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Monday.

Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, remarked on Monday in the Legislative Assembly that there shouldn’t be any politics surrounding the border dispute with Karnataka just now.

“For the first time, the interstate border dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka has been resolved through mediation by the Union Home Minister. Politics shouldn’t be involved in this matter right now. Together with the citizens of the border, “Chief Minister Shinde remarked. Basavaraj Bommai, the chief minister of Karnataka, spoke with Shinde earlier over the phone.

In a telephone conversation with the chief minister of Maharashtra, Shri Eknath Shinde, Bommai said, “We both agreed that there should be peace and law and order to be maintained in both states.”

The State Reorganization Act of 1956’s implementation was the beginning of the Maharashtra-Karnataka border conflict. The border between Maharashtra and Karnataka had to be readjusted, according to then-governing Maharashtra.

The two states then established a four-person committee. Karnataka rejected the Maharashtra government’s offer to relocate 260 villages with a high concentration of Kannada speakers.

Later, in order to expedite the situation, both governments turned to the Supreme Court.

Ajit Pawar, the leader of the Maharashtra opposition, stated on Saturday that the border issue discussions between the chief ministers of Karnataka and Maharashtra and Union Home Minister Amit Shah should be made public.

“Talks between the chief ministers of Maharashtra and Karnataka and Amit Shah should be made public. If the state government suggests border issues, we’ll support it “Ajit Pawar remarked.