Maha political crisis: Shinde calls meeting of rebel MLAs to discuss further strategy

25 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

Rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde has convened a meeting at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati on Saturday

According to reports, rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde has convened a meeting at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati on Saturday afternoon to deliberate future tactics.

The political crisis in Maharashtra’s Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) administration erupted after party legislators joined a revolt led by Eknath Shinde, who is now living in a hotel in Guwahati. The dissident MLAs, who are staying at the same hotel, gave Shinde permission to take further action. Shinde, together with 38 party MLAs and nine independent MLAs, will begin campaigning on June 22 at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, on the other hand, has convened a meeting of the party’s national executive committee for Saturday at 1 p.m.

The meeting will take place in Shiv Sena Bhavan, and the Chief Minister will attend digitally.

Earlier on Friday, Thackeray virtually held a meeting of district leaders, claiming that the renegade MLAs camped up in Guwahati intended to “destroy the party.”

During his virtual address before the conference, Shiv Sena president remarked, “I’ve already stated that I have nothing to do with power. People who used to claim they would sooner die than leave the Shiv Sena have now gone.”

Thackeray stated that he “suspected” the revolt and disclosed that Eknath Shinde, the rebel, had discussed the topic of MLAs eager to join the BJP in front of him. However, he stated that such a question “never even occurs.”

“The renegade MLAs wish to split the party. I never imagined in my wildest thoughts that I would become Chief Minister. I’ve left Varsha Bungalow but haven’t lost the determination to fight ” he continued.

He has asked his party’s leaders to tell him if he is “useless and incapable” of running the party and has stated that he will leave the party.

Targeting Shinde, Thackeray stated that he did everything for the rebel commander, despite the fact that several charges had been leveled against him.

“Everything I did was for Eknath Shinde. I gave him the department that I was in charge of. His own son is an MP, and remarks have been made about my son. Many accusations have been leveled against me ” Shinde remarked.

“If they have bravery, they should walk among the people without using the names of Balasaheb and Shiv Sena,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the Eknath Shinde group filed a no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker Narhari Jhirwal on Friday, after the Uddhav Thackeray party asked the deputy speaker to remove the dissident MLAs.

Shiv Sena had earlier on Thursday night petitioned the state assembly’s Deputy Speaker to remove the membership of 12 rebel MLAs, including Eknath Shinde, for “not attending” the session.