Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi to address 91st edition today

31 July, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today will speak at the 91st episode of his monthly radio show, "Mann Ki Baat."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today will speak at the 91st episode of his monthly radio show, “Mann Ki Baat.”

PM Modi on Saturday tweeted, “I cordially encourage you everyone to watch tomorrow, July 31, at 11 AM, for this month’s #MannKiBaat. Additionally distributing a booklet on the fascinating subjects from the previous month, including India’s achievements in space, triumphs in sports, Rath Yatra, and more.”

Prime Minister requested people to offer their thoughts and recommendations for the show that will air today earlier this month.

MyGov and Namo Apps both allow users to post their ideas, but they may also record messages by calling the number 1800-11-7800.

In a series of tweet, PM Modi stated “For this month’s #MannKiBaat, which will take place on the 31st, do you have any suggestions? I’m interested in hearing them, so please share ideas on MyGov or the NaMo App. Messages may be recorded by calling 1800-11-7800 “

Prime Minister reflected on the dark period in India’s history—the Emergency—which was imposed in 1975 and said that it was our democratic attitude that ultimately prevailed in the 90th edition of his monthly “Mann ki Baat.”

He also praised everyone who stood up at that time and claimed that even after the Emergency, people still had trust in democracy.

The Right to Life and Personal Liberty, guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution, was among the rights that citizens were deprived of when the Emergency was in effect, the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi said that all of the nation’s institutions, including the press, courts, and constitutional bodies, had been brought under control, and that censorship was so strict that nothing could be published without permission.