Meet the heroes of the Delhi Mundka fire who risked their lives to save dozens of people

15 May, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

Even in the face of hardship, these warriors rescued dozens of lives while putting their own lives in danger.

Days after a major fire destroyed a four-story building in Mundka, West Delhi, killing 27 people, several bravery stories emerged. Hundreds of lives were rescued before their own, putting themselves in terrible danger.


Mamta Devi, 52, had started working in the plant eight days before. Her husband is disabled, and she is the sole breadwinner in the family. She is the mother of two children.

When the fire broke out, Mamta stated there was commotion everywhere and people were fleeing for their lives. The temperature in the room suddenly rose a few degrees, and several people passed out.

However, a crane approached the window and broke the glass. Mamta stated that she felt it was vital to rescue the tiny girls’ lives before rescuing her own. Before deciding on her personal safety, she took those girls down before the rope and double-checked that no additional girls were left behind. Her limbs and legs were both severely injured. Despite the difficulties, she said she continued thinking of her family and jumped out the window for their safety.


Avinash, 27, a one-year employee at the business, broke the glass pane and assisted the women and children on board the crane to safety. He double-checked that no one was left behind before descending. According to Avinash, there was a gathering on the second floor with roughly 70 to 80 persons in attendance. He claimed that the area suddenly heated up, and that an employee who had come up from a lower floor opened the door and passed out. Nobody knew what was going on, but there was smoke everywhere as the temperature rose. Avinash and his companions attempted to break the window glass several times but were unsuccessful each time.

They tried to smash the glass for approximately half an hour, according to Avinash, using tables, chairs, and other sharp objects. The glass finally broke after much effort, and he let the ladies and children board the crane first. He claimed that all the women begged him to let them go first because they had children waiting for them at home and were the only ones earning money. Avinash first assisted them down and saved their lives after hearing their cries. Avinash stated that in such a situation, all he could concentrate on was saving all the captive women and children as soon as possible.


As the temperature rose, some people became asleep and joined the dead bodies on the floor. Vineet Kumar rescued the unconscious people and described the horrific scene.

The scene inside the burning building was heartbreaking, according to Vineet. Individuals were passing out on the ground, and some people tried to save them by jumping on top of them. He believed it was his responsibility to save people who were unconscious and bring them back to their senses. Others assisted him, and together they saved the lives of over a dozen individuals.

He admitted that he considered fleeing for safety, but that he couldn’t stay after hearing the cries of those trapped. It was as if we were standing in a coal furnace since there was just smoke all around us.