Memboro is a platform for the creators and by the creators: Anshul Yadav & Pragya Sikka

6 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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In the exclusive conversation with NewsX as part of NewsX India A-List, Anshul Yadav & Pragya Sikka, Co-Founders, Memboro, talked about how they are helping content creators get paid for the conten...

Anshul Yadav and Pragya Sikka, Co-Founders, Memboro, recently joined NewsX for its special segment NewsX India A-List. Recognised for their excellence in rising startup, the duo spoke about how they are helping content creators get paid for the content they make.

Speaking about Memboro and its journey till now, Anshul said, “Memboro, in a nutshell, is a social media platform where fans can financially support their favorite creators and creators can provide their exclusive content to their fans. A content creator can create a membership model and put their exclusive content behind Memboro. The entire creative control stays with the creator only. A fan can simply subscribe to those models to get access to their content. Apart from it, to show their support and love for a creator’s content, they can voluntarily contribute any amount of money, which we call a ‘cheer’ to the creator. “

He added, “Utsav, Pragya and I came up with this idea around one year ago and we started building the platform. During the whole development phase, we have been in constant contact with many content creators, so that they can give us a seed bank and we can come up with a perfect market fit. We launched on 12th March and it was a huge success. More than 1000 viewers came to visit the platform in just 30 minutes of our launch.”

When asked about team behind Memboro and what sets them apart from other such platforms, Anshul said, “Memboro is a platform for the creators and by the creators. I and Anshul are artists ourselves. Before actually developing the platform, we talked to over a 100 creators to understand their problems and requirements when it came to being financially independent and support their own craft. A young and passionate team has been able to deliver features overnight, a 24/7-customer support, assisting creators who join us with marketing, helping them to strategize their content. I think how actively and dynamically we are involved with our creators and our users, is what sets up apart from any other startup.”

Talking about how does the crowd funding process work on their platform, Anshul expressed, “Let’s assume that I’m a painter and I release a painting on any social media platform. Be it Instagram, Youtube or Memboro. You, as a fan, really liked it a lot and you want to support me for making more such content like this. You come to my Memboro profile. You write your message and you cheer me some amount. Now, that amount with your name and your picture, is going to stay there on my creator profile forever. That’s how the crowd-funding part works. Your messages and worships for me and your love for me is going to stay there forever.”

Sharing her opinion on scope of the concept of crowdfunding in India, Pragya said, “It is no doubt that the concept is pretty new in Indian sub-continent. It’s hard for people to see content creation as a full time job. During the process and during our journey, a lot of creators told us how they left their jobs to pursue content creation full time after joining Memboro. It’s time people start realizing the value and potential this whole economy has. Also, it has been seen that people, who choose the road less taken, are not able to get that respect in society. This is not just about money but also about value and respect a content creator deserves. Through Memboro, we are trying to break that stigma.”