Mob Claims ‘WiFi Device’ Demeaned Prophet in Samsung Pakistan Blasphemy Row; 27 Employees Arrested

2 July, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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An angry mob destroyed billboards and damaged Samsung advertising installations in Karachi, Pakistan, as a show of outrage against an alleged act of blasphemy.

After a violent mob claimed that “WiFi gadgets” within the mall were playing remarks about the companions of Islamic holy figure Prophet Muhammad, there was rioting reported outside Pakistan’s Star City Mall in Karachi.

After accusing the multinational telecommunications firm Samsung of blasphemy, the mob vandalised its billboards. Additionally, at least 27 workers for a mobile phone firm were held by the authorities.

Samsung Electronics has reaffirmed its unwavering stance that it makes every effort to preserve objectivity in regards to all issues of religious import. Samsung Electronics maintains its position that the company has the utmost respect for all religious views and beliefs and holds the faith of Islam with the fullest respect in light of the recent happenings in Karachi, according to a statement that was soon made public.