Modern weapons came to India from Nepal: Lawrence Bishnoi

4 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

NewsX Exclusively states Lawrence Bishnoi's revelations while being questioned by Delhi Police

Lawrence Bishnoi has made some significant revelations while being questioned by Delhi Police in connection with the murder of singer Moosewala. He claimed Nepal’s link in Moosewala killing.

‘Modern weapons came to India about 9 months ago from Nepal’, Bishnoi revealed in the interrogation.

A gangster from Punjab informed Goldie Brar of the arrival of modern weapons. However, he was also told to start planning about 8 months ago.

Lawrence Bishnoi revealed that he was using a mobile phone in jail about 8 months ago, but that surveillance was intensified when a jammer was installed in Tihar jail.

Goldie Brar, Lawrence Bishnoi and gangster Rohit Moi are being interrogated face-to-face on the Moosewala killing during the remand of the special cell.

Earlier on Wednesday, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi withdrew his suit in the Delhi High Court demanding protection if his custody was handed over to Punjab Police. However, the appeal of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi was rejected by a special NIA court on Monday. 

Bishnoi is suspected of being involved in the murder of singer Sidhu Moosewala, who was shot dead in broad daylight.