PM Modi Lauds Goa Govt’s Steps Towards Development at State’s Rozgar Mela

24 November, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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The Rozgar Mela was successfully organised at the state level in the BJP-ruled states, according to the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the Goa government for its initiative to give jobs to the young through the issuance of appointment letters to new hires and said that numerous state agencies, including the police, will continue to hire in the coming months.

The move, according to the prime minister, will strengthen the Goa Police and improve public convenience, particularly for visitors. “Today, several teenagers will receive bulk appointment letters from the Goa government’s different ministries. According to what I’ve been informed, Goa Police and other departments will be hiring in the upcoming months.

This would enable improvements in the area of citizen security, particularly for visitors, and will further reinforce the Goa Police “At the Goa rozgar mela, PM Modi made a video statement.

The Rozgar Mela was successfully organised at the state level in the BJP-ruled states, according to the Prime Minister.

“In several states around the nation, rozgar mela have been ongoing for the past few weeks. Through the rozgar mela, the Central Government also offers jobs to thousands of young people each month in the Government of India. I am pleased that state governments are also holding similar rozgar melas at their local levels wherever there are BJP governments and double-engine governments “added he.

The Prime Minister described the development work being done by the federal government in Goa and stated that during the past eight years, thousands of crores of rupees had been invested in the state’s development.

“A new airport that was constructed in Mopa for roughly Rs 3000 crore will also soon be inaugurated. The development of this airport has provided employment for thousands of Goan citizens. Similar to this, the infrastructure and connectivity projects now underway in Goa have given the local young job prospects. Swayampoorna Goa’s mission is to upgrade both the state’s infrastructure and fundamental services in Goa “said he.

PM Modi emphasised the Goa Tourism Master Plan and Policy while claiming that the state government has also created a fresh development plan for Goa.

This has opened up new opportunities for tourism-related investment and significant job growth, the speaker claimed.

“Additionally, measures are being done to strengthen the economy of Goa’s rural districts and to boost traditional farming jobs. Self-help organisations are connected to farmers who produce paddy, process fruit, grow coconuts, make jute, and grow spices. In Goa, these initiatives are producing a large number of new employment and self-employment prospects,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister told the newly appointed officials that they have till 2047 to contribute to the growth of Goa and the nation as a whole.

“I have one more thing to say to the young people in Goa who have received appointment letters today. The next 25 years of your life will be the most crucial. Now, Goa is being developed alongside the goal of the New India of 2047. In addition to working for the national development, you also need to work for Goa’s development,” he added.

On Dhanteras, the Prime Minister introduced the idea of the Rozgar Mela at the national level. The drive to create 10 lakh employment at the federal level of government kicked up at this point. Since then, the Prime Minister has spoken at the Rozgar Melas of the governments of Gujarat, J-K, and Maharashtra. He has also recently handed out approximately 71,000 appointment letters to newly hired recruits and launched a Karmayogi Prarambh module for online orientation courses for all new appointees in various Government departments.