Gift your Mother an iconic cleaning equipment for complete cleanliness this Mother’s Day

3 May, 2023 | newsx bureau

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Admiration and gratitude to your mother by gifting her.

This Mother’s Day , express your love , admiration and gratitude to your mother by gifting her a world class product from Kärcher, the market leaders in automated cleaning equipment and solutions. For a clean home, many a cleaning device or household remedy are called upon. Whether indoors or outdoors: Tips on how to use these correctly can help make your work quicker, and you have more time to enjoy the finer things in life. Here are some Iconic Home & Garden Range Cleaning Equipment from Karcher for Cleanliness in and around the House


Vacuum cleaners from Kärcher combine high suction power with manoeuvrability and flexibility. For allergy sufferers, single people, families and pet owners alike, Kärcher has the right vacuum cleaner for every situation. 


Workshop vacuum cleaner or car vacuum cleaner, dry or wet dirt, coarse or fine dirt – it doesn’t matter! Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners offer diverse fields of application, both for outside and inside. They stand out from the crowd with superior suction power, high energy efficiency and a robust design. The multi-functional devices have many applications and a comprehensive set of accessories, making them your miracle problem solvers for the house, garden and garage.


How do you get carpets, cushions, mattresses and car seats clean and hygienic again? How do you easily remove and dispose of your cold ashes from the fireplace, charcoal grill or stove? We`ve got all the answers in the shape of our powerful carpet cleaners and our high-performance ash and dry vacuum cleaners.


 Remember that feeling you had when your car was new and your driveway was freshly paved? When your garden furniture first saw the light of day and your garden walls were still free of moss? That was a real WOW moment! But hey, dust, dirt and uncontrolled growth have got nothing on you and your Kärcher pressure washer. The WOW is still there. Get it back! You and your Kärcher – combat dirt with some serious power and have fun doing it. Turn a dirty job into sheer pleasure. Bring back the WOW.


Kärcher’s steam cleaners ensure clean pleasure throughout the household, and your whole family can be sure that everything is very deeply clean – without any chemicals. Thanks to its top cleaning performance, the steam removes up to 99.999%* of corona viruses and 99.99%** of all common household bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and healthy living environment. No matter whether in the kitchen, bathroom, on floors or even when ironing, Kärcher really makes it steam and delivers top results. Discover the wide range of possible applications now!


 Streak-free. Fast. Multifunctional. The cordless window cleaner ensures streak-free cleanliness – and without any dripping dirty water. The window cleaner cleans not only windows quickly and efficiently, but all smooth surfaces such as hobs, mirrors, doors and tiles. 


Faster than a vacuum cleaner – more convenient than a brush Cordless electric brooms are used wherever vacuuming is less suitable and conventional sweeping is difficult. Ideal for occasional cleaning of carpets, laminate or tiles. Without disturbing cord and unnecessary bending!

Perfect for the little things: The KB 5 is small, manoeuvrable and immediately ready to use – ideal for all around the home.


Do you simply want an easier and quicker way to clean your floor? Or to complete the entire floor cleaning in one process, ideally without vacuuming beforehand? Using a corded device, or would you prefer to go cordless with a powerful battery and maximum freedom of movement? We have a powerful solution for every task – and the choice is yours. For wiping only, the best choice is our slimline and manoeuvrable FC 3 Cordless. To pick up dust and smaller crumbs we recommend the FC 5 models, and anyone who wants to avoid vacuuming beforehand can choose the FC 7 Cordless, which easily removes even coarse dirt in one step.


Polishing floors to a high gloss shine The Kärcher vacuum polisher polishes parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum with optimal results. This is ensured by the triangular shape for polishing in corners including numerous new functions. Including polishing dust suction!


Inside is the new outside. Whether working from home, relaxing, or sleeping: we spend a large part of our time indoors. Therefore, ensuring the air inside is fresh is a good idea. However, it is not uncommon for the outside air to be more polluted than the air inside the home. This is why the powerful Kärcher AF air purifiers are the perfect solution, as they not only reliably filter out pollen and fine dust that find their way inside when you open the window, but they also effectively and quietly remove viruses, household dust, and unpleasant odours from the air in the room. Fresh and clean air is especially important for allergy sufferers. Air purifiers really make a difference — and you notice it with every breath you take.


Sweeping like the professionals “The best season for sweeping is: All year round. Whether it is for petals in the spring, sand in the summer, leaves in the autumn or grit in the winter, the effective and ergonomic S 4 and S 6 sweepers from Kärcher get your home and garden looking clean and tidy in record time all year round.”