Myanmar Crisis: Thousands flee across Thailand borders following Myanmar airstrikes

30 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Myanmar crisis World

Thousands of villagers flee across Thailand borders after the Myanmar Military carried out three airstrikes overnight on Sunday lasting till Monday, as per a report issued by the Free Burma Rangers...

Thailand authorities started to prepare on Monday after anticipating a possible influx of more ethnic Karen villagers fleeing into Thailand after the airstrikes carried out by the Myanmar military. the strikes possibly injured one person but no apparent fatalities were reported, a member of the Free Burma Rangers reported. FBR is a humanitarian relief agency that delivers medical and other assistance to villagers.

Earlier on Sunday, nearly 3000 people crossed the river bordering and dividing the two countries into Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province following the two-day airstrikes. A video that was shot on that day demonstrates a group of villagers including children resting in a forest clearing inside the Myanmar region, after having fled from their homes. the people could be seen carrying their possessions in baskets and bundles.

In the previous day’s attacks, carried out on Sunday, Myanmar military aircraft dropped bombs on a Karen guerrilla position in an area surrounding Salween river in Karen state’s Mutraw district, stated workers of two humanitarian relief agencies. two guerrillas were killed and many more injured in that attack and two Myanmar military planes bombed the Deh Bu Noh village twice in Mutraw district, where the attack killed two villagers.

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The attacks are anticipated to be a retaliation for the Karen National Liberation Army, which is fighting for greater autonomy for the Karen people by capturing and attacking a government military outpost on Saturday morning. as per reports by the Thoolei News, which is an online site that disseminates information from the KNU, 8 government soldiers including a lietunant were captured in the attack and around 10 were killed. Among those, a deputy battalion commander and one Karen Guerellia had been killed.

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