Naagin 4 Preview 24th February 2020: Naagrani Bela returns to save Dev from Vishaka, who’s masterful plan will expose her true nature to everyone

24 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Vrinda to save the day in Naagin 4. Entertainment

Naagin 4 Preview 24 February 2020: Vishaka will finally be exposed in front of Brinda when the latter finds Vishaka about to behead Dev.

Naagin 4 Preview 24th February 2020: Vishaka has made her motives clear from the very start, as all she wants is the Nagmani, while Brinda is seen developing feelings for Dev, in today’s episode both these story arcs will conclude as Naagrani Bela will save Dev from Vishaka right before she is about to behead him and get the Naagmani, and help Brinda find her mother

Apart from that, tonight’s episode is going to be full of drama as Vishaka will try to Dev lose his temper by transforming herself into Brinda and dancing with Rajat while keeping Brinda busy in finding her mother Manyata in the Lal Tekri.

The episode will finally see Brinda finding the truth about Vishaka as up till this point she is deceived by her cunning planning, she will realize that all Vishaka did was use her to get closer to Nagami and it was for the same reason she made sure her secret remains intact on multiple occasions.

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Tonight’s episode will begin with Brinda trying to find her mother and completely forgetting about everything other than that while, Vishaka will continue plotting against Dev to get him angry so that the Nagmani in his forehead is exposed and she can easily get it by killing him.

This episode will feature these two storylines which would culminate in the climax where both the stories meet to expose Vishaka and make Brinda realize that she has fallen in love with for real, despite their past, Naagrani Bela returns to save the day.

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To the viewers who are tricked by the promos put out by colors that Dev will get killed in tonight’s episode can take a breath of relief as it’s not going to happen rather the opposite will happen as Vishaka will get exposed and Dev will reunite with Brinda.