Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa’s unstoppable journey from desolation to a face of wellness and inspiration

14 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa Business

Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa guides people across the globe to manifest a harmonious and peaceful life of their dreams. She is also a home maker and a proud mother of two beautiful daughters.

Coming from a small town in Rajasthan amidst body shaming and harsh stereotypes, to becoming a successful business woman and winning the title of Mrs. Universe Asia Queen 2019, Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa has only gone higher ever since.
Based in Mumbai, India, Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa guides people across the globe to manifest a harmonious and peaceful life of their dreams. She is also a home maker and a proud mother of two beautiful daughters who look up to her as their role model. However, this glorious present is a result of not giving in to her challenging past. Be it Naavnedhi’s non-English speaking background or unjust body shaming to which she became a subject due to medications post the birth of her younger daughter, she has fought every battle, oozing inspiration for countless.

The adolescent mind of Naavnedhi got caught in a vicious cycle of negativity as she was constantly subjected with stereotypes about the predetermined destiny of girls, unacceptance of vernacular medium and unrealistic beauty standards about women existing in the society. Becoming under-confident and suffering from resulting health issues like depression and anxiety, the trauma affected her life adversely. It was only after the delivery of her second daughter, when doctors claimed her medical condition as irreversible, her inner voice took over the wheel of her life driving to a good health and a strong mind.

Beating societal stigmatisation and criticism, Naavnedhi began her spiritual journey by plunging into healing modalities. She gained expertise and became a certified diet planner, a Richard Bandler-trained NLP expert, a psychologist of eating and food coach from the USA, a graphologist, and a meditation guru. Once uncertain about her own destiny and goals, she has also become a fortune teller and has mastered the manifestation techniques. Bagging various achievements and titles like Femina Power Brand Award 2020 For Fortune Teller & Meditation Expert, Mrs Universe Asia Queen 2019, TIMES POWER WOMEN 2019 for LIFE COACH, Mrs Asia Woman Of Universe 2018,  Women Achiever Award 2017, and many more, she made the best out of her life struggles and found her destiny herself.

To help others in getting a healthy and balanced mind as well as body, Naavnedhi also launched the “Meditation Marathon”, marking the momentous occasion of PM Narendra Modi by this admirable initiative on 17th September, 2020. She also conducts “Thursday Live Tarot reading sessions” and thus, helps thousands of people going through myriad of problems. To have a lasting impact on the lives of people, she has recently come up with much-awaited talk-show called “Brewful Jodi” that aims to bring inspiring stories of the “Partner in Success” of common people. Amidst these trying times of COVID-19, the talk-show would help people draw motivation, and experience productive emotions of happiness and compassion.

Apart from reaching the pinnacle of success, Naavnedhi is also a humanitarian. She runs Annapoorti Food drive to feed the underprivileged and needy people. She also extends her compassion and helping hand to the stray dogs by feeding them, which further reinstate her kindness and selfless benevolence.

It is true that only by freeing yourself can you unfold your limitless power, and only by loving yourself can you start loving people around you and transformation of Naavnedhi’s life is an exemplary example of that.