Nambi Narayan SC case: Time to bring in scientists protection act?

12 April, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Nambi Narayanan National

If India is to make scientific advancements and walk on the path of self reliance, especially in the space and technology, it needs to bring scientists protection act, so that Indian scientists, wh...

As India awaits justice for Dr Nambi Narayanan, we are also witnessing an unprecedented support for India’s scientific community. The torture meted out to Dr Nambi in the fake spying case have prompted every heart and every concerned citizen to call for a scientist protection act so that Indian scientists, who are on the verge of breakthrough discoveries and are working towards national interest, can be protected. 

What is required at this hour is a scientist protection act that will prevent other scientists from what happened to Dr. Nambi. Once passed, the act will prevent any police officer or individual in a  position of power, from inflicting physical or mental torture on the scientists. 

While India does provide legal routes against extortion, fake allegations, which hold the capability to taint a man’s entire career, go scott free due to its camouflaged nature. Moreover, the fake spy case delayed India’s crygogenic engine by 15 years. If India is to make scientific advancements and prevent such delays,especially as it charts roadmap to become self reliant and emerge as a global leader in every aspect, including science and technology, it must protect its scientists. 

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX, Dr Nambi Narayanan narrated his ordeal of spending 48 days in jail. He said, “It is a bitter experience. However, it was not as bad as the interrogation. Here you are in a container-like room alone and you come out just to take a bath.” He added, “I was repeatedly assaulted and there’s no question, was told I didn’t deserve water. I refused to sit because they called me a traitor. ”