Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit: Chain of events

3 August, 2022 | Pranay Lad

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A US military jet carrying Pelosi touched down in Taiwan around 10.45 pm local time (17.45 BST). This visit makes it the biggest visit in about a quarter century. Although the US has maintained the...

The highly anticipated yet controversial visit of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has surely created a lot of buzz around the globe.

Taiwan which is an independent island but claimed by china was highly anticipating Nancy Pelosi’s visit. Amid all the heat coming from China, Nancy Pelosi’s visit is a clear sign of support for the self-ruled island.

Here are all the updates on her visit:

A US military jet carrying Pelosi touched down in Taiwan around 10.45 pm local time (17.45 BST). This visit makes it the biggest visit in about a quarter century. Although the US has maintained the one-china policy since the 1970s, still it has unofficial ties with Taiwan for its strategic moves.

Taiwan’s Foreign minister Joseph Wu welcomed the US Speaker as she arrived at the airport.

Shortly after her arrival, she visited the parliament and said, “We are here to listen to you and learn from you as to how we can go forward together. “We appreciate that an address has been made on Covid, as it also pertains to Security, Prosperity and the governance.”

“Now we look forward to our conversation about how we can work together to save the planet from the climate crisis. We thank you for your leadership & we want the world to recognise it. Our visit was about human rights, unfair trade practices, security issues,” she also added.

On the other hand, China announced to halt several fruit and fish imports from Taiwan. China’s custom declared that the import of Chilled white striped hairtail, citrus fruit, and frozen horse mackerel has been suspended with immediate effect.

Whilst her visit to the parliament and meeting with the deputy speaker of the island’s legislature, she said “We come in friendship with Taiwan,” and “We come in peace to the region,” she added, as reported by a local agency.

Simultaneously, China has taken stringent actions against groups of Taiwan, Beijing reportedly declared that the Taiwanese groups – Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund will be banned from financially cooperating with the mainland.

Pelosi expressed her gratitude as she was referred to as “A good friend to Taiwan,” her visit embarks on three main points-

  • Security, for people and global security                         
  • Prosperity, to spread economic freedom as much as possible
  • Governance, as she wants to increase inter-parliamentary cooperation and dialogue with Taiwan.

Pelosi also added, how the US legislation intends to strengthen the American chip industry to go head-to-head with China.

Taiwan’s defence Minister on the hand said, Taiwan has the caliber to defend its national security and has a full grasp of the air and naval activities. This came in soon after China announced that, the naval forces will be having drills near the island.

While Pelosi meet the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen bestowed her with the Order of Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon. Pelosi while accepting the honor, praised the female leader and even said that she is one of the female leaders in the world.

More than 20 times Chinese military jets entered the Taiwanese air defense zone, calling it a drill.

While Tsai thanked Pelosi for her unfrequented support to the nation, and that the island will not back down and citizens don’t need to worry as the island has heightened its military vigilance.   

While addressing the Taiwanese press conference, Nancy Pelosi firmly stated that while they respect the “One-China” policy but also believe in “freedom with security.” US’ solidarity with Taiwan is more important than ever, she added.